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No official mythology exists to explain the presence of the sharktooth trees though the sailors whisper that the trees sprang into existence during the time when the World Dragon was loose in Elanthia. It is said Drogor reveled in the storms caused by the mighty dragon and took many sailors' lives, sending his sharks to feast on the drowning. A young cabin boy dared to challenge the mighty god to spare the lives of those who sailed in the Reshalia seas. Drogor mockingly accepted the challenge and set the young lad to fight his most dread shark. When the time for the battle came the lad stood in the shallows of the beach forcing the huge shark to flounder. The shark roared his challenge and the smaller cabin boy dove into the gullet of the shark, avoiding its mighty teeth. From inside the shark's mouth he was able to slice out the shark's gills, slaying his mighty opponent without taking a single scratch.

In a rage, the mighty Drogor retreated from the Reshalia shores, vowing vengeance one day. The bloody teeth of the shark when buried sprang up as the first sharktooth trees. True to his word, Drogor exacted his revenge on the cabin boy who, when a grown man and a captain, dared to venture out of Reshalian waters during a storm. From that time the sharktooth blossom has been known among sailors as a sign of a promise made but not yet kept.

Aesry Sharktooth Tree

A description of the tree can be found on the the southern, outer ring near the path to Aesry Meadowlands as well as inside a nearby courtyard:

  • Crimson blossoms dangle from the branches of a sharktooth tree, like drops of blood dripping from the pale grey bark.
  • Crimson blossoms hang like drops of blood from the velvety green leaves and thorny branches of this tall, spectacular sharktooth tree.
note: can pick a Item:Deep crimson sharktooth blossom from the courtyard


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