Tricky Treats (2)

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Tricky Treats
Event Hollow Eve Festival 410, Hollow Eve Festival 414
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Game
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Tricky Treats]
Heavy steel plates have been riveted together to form the walls of this cramped room. A door stands open to allow the carefree browsing of passing shoppers. You also see a woven sack, a simple pouch, a LARGE notice, a ticket dispenser with a few things on it, a closed wooden chest with several things on it, a wooden stand with a couple of things on it, a wooden table with a couple of things on it, a wooden counter with a couple of things on it and a sloppily written sign.

A sloppily written sign reads:<br>
"Me ma et me stock! Back agin wit sumfin soon. -- T." 
A scroll reads:
"Tickets sold from this dispenser cost 100 Hollow Eve tickets each.  No limit.  There will be five drawings.

This is a blind raffle: There are no details for what's being raffled.  We guarantee that there will be no sticks or dirty laundry,
 but we will not promise massive bars of rare metals or weapons of doom.  You may or may not personally find your prize useful.

You do NOT need to be present to win.
Drawing time TBD, check FESTIVAL."
On the dispenser
Item Price Done
raffle ticket 100 tickets   
A parchment reads:
"These items are used to bond with particular types of items.  Each one costs 3500 tickets.  Each adventurer is limited to 5 total 
purchases from this chest.  You may mix and match as you please, but any combination of them cannot exceed 5 total purchases.

  1) These allow for 30 INVOKEs, they are *NOT* permanent bonds.
  2) READ them carefully before purchasing to ensure you get the right one.
  3) No refunds or exchanges.
  4) You CAN sell or trade these as you like."
On a closed wooden chest
Item Price Done
intricate red seal - 30 uses 3,500 tickets   DG
ornate platinum sigil (2) - 30 uses 3,500 tickets   !!
oily green potion (2) - 30 uses 3,500 tickets   No
blue vial (2) - 30 uses 3,500 tickets   No
A large vellum card reads:
"This voucher allows ONE weapon to be imbued with the chippable weapon enchantment.  Limit 2 per family, 70,000 tickets each.
  1) The shards will replenish over time.
  2) Only melee weapons (edged/blunt) are valid.  No ranged, thrown or brawling gear.
  3) It can't work on special or verby weapons.
  4) Ezzaru makes the final decision if the weapon is acceptable.  Have multiple options just in case.
  5) *NO* transferring this voucher to another.  No exchanges.  No refunds.  Expires in 35 days."
On the wooden stand
Item Price Done
Ezzaru voucher 70,000 tickets   
A notecard reads:
"These treasure maps may be purchased for 1000 tickets without limit or restriction.  We make no promises to what 
you may or may not find."
On the wooden table
Item Price Done
simple pouch - Contains a treasure map 1,000 tickets   
"These sacks were assembled by Seamstress Zasele.  She did not disclose what was contained within, other than a 
random assortment of gems, coins and materials.  They may be purchased for 1500 tickets each without limit or restriction."
On the wooden counter
Item Price Done
woven sack - Contains random assortment of materials 1,500 tickets