Your Inner Animal (2)

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Your Inner Animal
Event Hollow Eve Festival 414, Hollow Eve Festival 417
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Clothing shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Your Inner Animal, Warm Fuzzies]
The rich oak and pine paneling of the walls bears a broad spread of well-preserved animal parts. On the western side of the room, a giant boar's head is mounted above the door. A large stuffed hawk perches on a stand in the corner, glaring menacingly at the various tables, shelves and clothing racks that dominate the far wall.
Obvious exits: north.

On the corner table
Item Price Done
whale backpack with a dangling tailfin 3,608   !!
shark backpack with a large fin 4,510   !!
skunk backpack with a white fur stripe 4,510   No
death squirrel backpack made of grey fur 4,510   !!
tiny replica short bow 451   !!
sheep backpack covered in curly wool 4,510   No
chicken feet 721   No
On the lined display shelf
Item Price Done
raven mask with a black beak 2,255   No
grey shark mask 2,255   No
cross-eyed libger mask 2,255   !!
shaggy black barghest mask 2,255   No
chicken-head hood with a fierce expression 2,255   No
spriggan mask covered in fake bark 2,255   !!
skunk-faced mask 2,255   No
forest gryphon mask with a yellow beak 2,255   No
brown rat mask 2,255   No
On the narrow table
Item Price Done
grey felt hat with a large fin on top 2,255   No
yellow-billed hat shaped like a duck's head 2,255   No
chicken-shaped hat with white feathers 2,255   No
hat shaped like a sheep's head 2,255   No
horse-head shaped hat 2,255   No
On the tidy clothing rack
Item Price Done
dire bear costume made from real fur 9,020   No
shaggy barghest costume made of black fur 9,020   No
spriggan costume covered with fake bark 9,020   No
wooly white sheep costume 9,020   !!
black skunk costume with a large white stripe 9,020   No
giant black leucro costume fashioned from plush fur 9,020   No
On the overflowing rack
Item Price Done
forest gryphon costume with silver-tipped feather wings 9,020   No
velver costume with a tiny bow 9,020   No
battle-ready chicken costume 9,020   No
pale grey death squirrel costume with a bushy tail 9,020   !!
libger costume 9,020   No
On the slightly crooked shelf
Item Price Done
wooly sheep mask 2,255   No
pale grey death squirrel mask with protruding fangs 2,255   !!
grinning velver mask 2,255   !!
fur-covered black leucro mask 2,255   No

[Your Inner Animal, Cold Hearted]
Darkly stained planks cover the walls as much as possible, the dull and rusted metal peeking through in places due to the inevitable warp of the wood. Pinned to the wall with dark nails, large four-legged skeletons appear to be crawling atop the shelves that line the far wall, heading towards a rough wooden door. An array of preserved lizard heads encircles the room, each staring inward at some invisible focal point.
You also see a wardrobe and a dark-stained chest.
Obvious exits: south.

In the wardrobe
Item Price Done
piruati serpent costume covered with colorful scales 9,020   No
yvhh la'tami costume with outspread wings 9,020   No
desert armadillo costume with a long barbed tail 9,020   No
bulked-up rock guardian costume 9,020   No
blue-belly crocodile costume 9,020   No
On the blackened wire shelves
Item Price Done
armadillo-shaped backpack with a thin tail 4,510   
crocodile backpack made of perfectly tanned skin 4,510   No
crocodile-head hat with a gaping jaw 2,255   No
armadillo hat with a floppy tail 2,255   No
serpent-scale-covered backpack 4,510   !!
In the dark-stained chest
Item Price Done
rock guardian mask made of mottled hide 2,255   No
crocodile mask with large pointy teeth 2,255   No
desert armadillo mask with small perky ears 2,255   No
yvhh la'tami mask 2,255   No
piruati serpent mask 2,255   No