Second Round

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A Second Round
Festival Hollow Eve Festival 392
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Container shops, Jewelry shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[A Second Round]
Heavy steel plates have been riveted together to form the walls of this cramped room. A damaged bronze door stands open to allow the carefree browsing of passing shoppers. You also see a massive table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the massive table
Item Price Done
badly frayed mesh backpack 90   No
stained cloak riddled with moth holes 811   
musty riding cloak with a badly frayed hem 2,706   
faded leather boots with badly worn soles 721   No
dull grey scimitar with a rusted hilt 360   No
patched linen trousers 135   
patched cloak 721   No
patched linen shirt 90   
dirt brown cloak embroidered with a dead squirrel 4,510   
long sunny yellow woolen cap with red and purple tassels 90   No
scarred leather harness splattered with bloodstains 1,353   
scarred leather haversack splattered with bloodstains 676   
dingy white skirt edged with yellowed lace 721   No
bloodstained apron 90   !!
sweat-stained cotton shirt 90   No
badly stained breeches 135   No
faded black cloak emblazoned with a turkey 4,510   No
badly tattered trousers 135   
iridescent pink cloak with badly frayed seams 2,255   
dull grey broadsword with a rusted hilt 1,894   No
bright orange fuzzy slippers 721   No
badly frayed rope belt caked with salt stains 36   No
faded bracelet with splintered wooden beads 135   No
tarnished silver ring with a misshaped empty setting 811   No
badly stained chef's hat 67   No
muddy brown foraging apron with frayed ties 90   
slightly dented steel helm 2,255   No
rough leather sling with ragged edges 90   No
rotting straw hat 67   No
dingy handkerchief 18   No
scarred leather boots splattered with bloodstains 541   !!
vivid purple kilt with green and red stripes 902   No
dented iron earrings coated with flaking gold paint 90   No