Korbesh's Leathers

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Korbesh's Leathers
Event Jeraya Lanival
Owner Korbesh
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops, Container shops, Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Korbesh's Leathers, Tree Base]
Some sparring dummies stand around a massive oak tree, adorned with varieties of sheaths and packs. A couple of bored-looking barbarians lounge nearby, nominally keeping watch over the merchandise. You also see a grey-clad dummy with some stuff on it, a dirt path, a wooden board tacked to the bottom of a dummy, a brown-clad dummy with some stuff on it and a white mannequin with some stuff on it.
Obvious paths: none.

A wooden board reads:

To select an item, GET <item> ON <color> DUMMY. 
The haversacks and satchels are worn on the shoulder. 
The rucksacks are worn on the back. 
The pouches attach to the belt. 
The boots have small pockets. 
Any questions? Well, too bad! 

On the grey-clad dummy
Item Price Done
grey leather wrist sheath ?   
grey leather ankle sheath ?   No
grey leather shoulder scabbard ?   No
grey leather staff harness ?   No
On the brown-clad dummy
Item Price Done
brown leather pouch ?   No
brown leather boots ?   No
brown leather rucksack ?   No
brown leather haversack ?   No
brown leather satchel ?   No
On the white mannequin
Item Price Done
ivory bracelet 937   No
boobrie tail feathers 625   No
crocodile tooth necklace 937   No