Treasures of the Spirit (2)

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Treasures of the Spirit
Event Hollow Eve Festival 417
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Container shops, Kaldar shops, Prydaen shops, Rakash shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Treasures of the Spirit, Main Room]
Little more than a hallway, the room is illuminated by polished silver and brass lanterns that are hung to either side of the doorways, which lead further into the shop.
You also see a polished metal door.
Obvious exits: north, east, west.

[Treasures of the Spirit, Gifts]
Silvery constellations and jewel-toned moons are woven into the billowy azure fabric that drapes the walls and ceiling. Flickering candlelight reflects on polished wooden cases, sending wavering shadows around the room. Ornately carved copperwood and silverwood screens rest in the far corners.
You also see a walnut case and an acanth case.
Obvious exits: northeast, east.

In the walnut case
Item Price Done
silk poke stitched with scorpion tails - Urrem'tier 11,714   No
silk pocket strung with raven claws - Kertigen 10,506   No
silk sack stitched with a red-maned lion - Chadatru 10,506   No
silk scrip patterend in scales and clasped with a cobra - Hav'roth 23,585   No
silk bag suspending several coin and ram charms - Glythtide 11,422   No
silk pouch batiked with a stylized panther with golden eyes - Damaris 13,743   No
silk bag boldly embroidered with a rampart unicorn - Hodierna 11,714   No
In the acanth case
Item Price Done
silk pouch painted with a tabby cat batting at a spider - Tamsine 6,010   No
silk scrip patterned with leaping dolphins - Eluned 19,526   No
silk poke strung with numerous flying wren charms - Faenella 3,387   No
silk pocket clasped with an ivory-horned ox - Truffenyi 10,439   No
silk sack stitched with a dark bloodstained boar - Everild 5,257   No
slate gem pouch shaped like a wolf's head - Meraud 6,508   No

[Treasures of the Spirit, Offerings]
Frosted glass lanterns hang from the ceiling, above an elaborately carved walnut table which stands alone in the center of the room. Plush cobalt-hued carpet covers the floor, softening footfalls and accenting the highly polished white ironwood paneling.
Obvious exits: southeast, south, southwest.

On the walnut table
Item Price Done
leather bag clasped with a rimewolf - Misiumos 9,763   No
leather pouch affixed with a carved dragon skull - Xosiurion 12,739   No
leather scrip hung with small red brick charms - Aliesa 26,291   !!
leather poke painted with a blazing torch - Sraxaec 13,922   No
leather pocket adorned with ghostly white Albarian lace - Orisas 21,271   No
leather scrip tooled with an elaborate ship - Eimeuz 11,714   !!
leather bag shaped like an anvil - Merion 21,420   
leather pouch painted with a whirlwind pattern - Sieben 19,526   No
leather poke suspending spear and greatsword charms - Tieheq 11,062   No
leather poke tooled with a detailed thunderstorm - Aniek 13,017   No

[Treasures of the Spirit, Blessings]
Bushy potted ferns line the room, providing a verdant foreground to the forest mural that covers the walls. Gaethzen globes flicker like fireflies darting amongst the detailed paintings of massive oak, walnut and fir trees. A battered gateleg table is centered atop the thick emerald carpeting covering the floor.
Obvious exits: west, northwest.

On the gateleg table
Item Price Done
hide scrip suspending faiyka charms - Eu 21,082   No
hide pocket hung with crow feet - Mrod 14,000   No
hide poke painted with a gold-flecked blue shariza - Tenemlor 19,526   No
hide pocket decorated with repeating triquetra symbols - Eu-Demrris-Tenemlor 22,070   
hide bag tooled with an iladza - Demrris 21,285   No
hide scrip clasped by a fuzzy badger charm - Coshivi 11,714   No
hide poke adorned with several gossamer butterflies - Enelne 13,419   !!