Natural Beauty (2)

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Natural Beauty
Event Hollow Eve Festival 414
Owner Cereia
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Natural Beauty, Sales Floor]
Thick tapestries depicting a dense, wild forest surrounding a picturesque glade cover the walls, each blending seamlessly into the next. Furthering the outdoorsy feel, the ceiling here has been painted to resemble a cloudless summer sky at noon complete with a gaethzen sun positioned directly in the center. Several fanciful tables dot the room, every one cleverly incorporating life-like sculptures of various fae creatures into their designs. A fresh floral scent permeates the space, radiating outward from the many potted plants positioned between the wares.
You also see a stately driftwood case carved with water sprites with several things on it, an anli display carved with dancing dryads with several things on it, a heavy door blocking the way west and a white alerce arch.
Obvious exits: none.

On the stately driftwood case carved with water sprites
Item Price Done
driftwood token 902,000   !!
A scallop-edged card reads:
"The items upon this case are warded so that they may be seen and not stolen. The entire set will be awarded to one lucky person just before the grand auction near the end of the festival! Simply purchase a driftwood token for a chance to win. There is a limit of one purchase per family, and you must be present at the drawing in order to win. May fortune smile upon you! ~ Cereia" (OOC: Prime drawing at 8:00pm EST 11/14/14. Plat drawing at 8:00pm EST 11/15/14.)
several audrualm sharks with jaws spread wide to reveal rows of diamondique teeth 0   
well-tailored shirt of stormy cire and blued moonsilver 0   !!
sharkskin boots adorned with blued moonsilver panels 0   !!
shark's tooth dagger with a handle of carved tamboti 0   
formal camlet trousers tinted the deep hue of night-tinged clouds 0   !!
ship captain's overcoat fettered by carved Drogor's Wrath sapphires 0   !!
On the anli display carved with dancing dryads
Item Price Done
anli token 902,000   
A scallop-edged note reads:
"The items upon this display are warded so that they may be seen and not stolen. The entire set will be awarded to one lucky person just before the grand auction near the end of the festival! Simply purchase an anli token for a chance to win. There is a limit of one purchase per family, and you must be present at the drawing in order to win. May fortune smile upon you! ~ Cereia" (OOC: Prime drawing at 7:00pm EST 11/14/14. Plat drawing at 7:00pm EST 11/15/14.)
luminous pale cire gown adorned with moonsilver and shimmering anloral feathers 0   !!
watered silk reticule held by feathered ties 0   !!
large tamboti kelpbell inlaid with anloral 0   
bejeweled slippers glimmering with all the hues of fresh waters 0   !!
Eluned's tear sapphire linked by anloral tendrils to a moonsilver albatross 0   !!
filmy wrap of spun glitter enhanced by subtle silvery embroidery 0   !!
On the colorful osage table held up by twin sprite statues
Item Price Done
These lovely purses change colors when rubbed!
dainty purse of leaf green gossamer atop pallid silk 10,824   !!
dainty purse of violet gossamer atop blackened silk 10,824   !!
dark blue reticule dangling from an artful cascade of platinum and uncut svelae 586,300   !!
rose-colored reticule encased within a fragile-looking web of spun glitter threads 45,100   !!
black evening bag bejeweled with prismatic crystalline beadwork 27,060   !!
golden evening bag held by opulent ermine-lined straps 135,300   !!

On the low acacia table carved to resemble several sprites carrying a tangle of vines
Item Price Done
closed-toed sandals decorated with plumed agate leaves 18,040   !!
thin-strapped sandals held by swirling charoite buckles 180,400   !!
sandals with spiraling decorative straps beaded in Reshalian tourmaline 451,000   !!
pair of cream-hued slippers with low arkose sandstone heels 9,020   !!
pair of bronze silk slippers with sleek blackthorne heels 9,020   !!
pair of dainty slippers with carved glitvire heels 36,080   !!
pale melon jacquard wrap woven with curling ivy 30,668   !!
celestial blue eolienne wrap capped at each end with wide bands of cream silk 360,800   !!
narrow silk scarf dyed bright cerise with a pattern of snowy anemones 4,510   !!
orchid purple scarf of heavily embroidered pebbled silk crepe 3,608   !!
tangerine voile shawl beaded with pale blue svelae 270,600   !!
freesia yellow shawl of openworked lace edged in gemfire velvet 270,600   !!

On the series of small goldenoak tables carved to resemble frolicking sprites
Item Price Done
layered marblesilk skirt embellished with night diamonds 270,600   !!
vibrant charmeuse skirt dyed to resemble the luscious hues of a ripe mango 451,000   !!
lilac-tinged silveress skirt swept with gloamstone beads along the flaring hem 1,353,000   !!
elaborate full skirt awash with impressionistic rainforest hues 90,200   !!
tiered skirt of oceanic blue cire and seafoam marquisette 811,800   !!
volcanic red skirt adorned with wending tendrils of bejeweled obsidian jaspe 586,300   !!
voluminous frost white skirt adorned with faesoul blossoms rendered in silk 676,500   
brilliantly hued skirt of alternating camlet and watersilk panels 270,600   !!
cloud grey gemfire velvet skirt with a stylized burnout design 1,262,800   !!
A simple parchment reads:
"The skirts on these tables are especially fine for dancing! ~ Cereia"

[Natural Beauty, Event Room]
Painted to resemble a nighttime garden, the metal walls seem to almost disappear beneath the layered colors. Swirled blues and purples adorn the blackened ceiling, blending down to brush the tops of the foliage with their velvety embrace. Tiny, glowing pieces of gaethzen dot the mural, from fireflies amongst the flowers to stars laboriously placed to recreate constellations, providing a diffuse but adequate source of light by which to examine the many elaborately carved displays. You also see a heavy door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the whimsical lacewood accessories display crafted to look like a playful puppy dragging a blanket in its jaws
Item Price Done
A small note reads:
"The items on this display are limited to a total of 10 for sale, and each family may buy up to two of them. ~ Cereia"
On the menswear display shaped like a shrike's bounty bush complete with red-enameled flowers
Item Price Done
A vine-carved placard reads:
"The masculine pieces on this display are limited to 10 total sales, and each family may buy two. ~Cereia"

Sold out items from the whimsical lacewood accessories display
Item Price Done
pair of decorative starstone bracers inset with twilight sapphire cabochons 7,766,220   !!
heavy tri-metal torque with a mortice and tenon closure 7,621,900   !!
slim raven-hued camlet top hat banded with engraved kertig upon gemfire velvet 631,400   !!
dashing plumed hat with a wide curving brim edged in korograth hide 4,510,000   
brine shark clenching a huge Drogor's Wrath sapphire within its widespread jaws 7,757,200   !!
luxurious goldweave and silveress turban fettered with an elaborate brooch 1,037,300   !!
thick orichalcum barleycorn chain supporting a carved absinthe emerald pendant 8,253,300   !!
blackened eyepatch of reinforced camlet sporting a Drogor's Wrath sapphire emblem 7,396,400   !!
embroidered ruazin wool tricorn dyed a shockingly bright ultramarine blue 1,804,000   !!
Sold out items from the menswear display
Item Price Done
refined mourning robe crafted from shadesatin embellished with Elamiri sapphires 3,968,800   !!
leather robe bearing sculpted pauldrons dripping with a profusion of cloud rubies 1,804,000   !!
ruby-hued box topped with a kertig raven - Contains an amaranthine diamond-hide jacket held fast by kertig ravens and a pair of gemfire velvet trousers elaborately belted with diamond-hide and kertig 5,186,500   !!
iridescent box topped with a carved Reshalian tourmaline peacock - Contains some zerarin wool pants sporting wide straight legs adorned by decorative panels and a sleeveless calf-length cire surcoat emblazoned with a stylized peacock 6,904,810   !!
golden box dappled with silver and topped with a swirling charoite - Contains an asymmetrical golden zibeline greatcloak lined in heavy swathes of meshor fox fur and some muted violet trousers held by an unusual arrangement of burnished gold buttons 2,345,200   !!
flashy lava samite shirt studded with molten-core diamonds around the high collar 2,976,600   !!
smooth silveress and dergatine tunic belted with articulated darkstone plates 2,615,800   !!
fitted military style shirt of virid scalene supporting green gold epaulettes 1,082,400   !!
armure tunic cut in a strident style and tinted harmonious shades of red 1,353,000   
leathern box topped with an opaline glaes sword positioned as if piercing its lid - Contains a swordsman's cloak of celestial blue serpentine-hide held by a draconic glaes chain and some fighting breeches dashingly crafted from dusky silk overlain with jaspe 7,306,200   !!