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Spell Recognition Rewrite · on 04/24/2016 06:59 PM CDT 1371

As part of the Magic 3.2 package, I have released a new version of the spell recognition system in the test instance only. Here's what to expect from it now:

Like before, you use PREPARE /HIDE to determine if you try to hide a prep when standing out in the open. New to this version is that if you are in hiding or invisible, you will automatically try to hide your prep. Anyone who sees you prepare a spell while hidden or invisible gets the point effect against you.

The contest has been completely gutted and redesigned. Arcana is now the major skill for both hiding and detecting preparations, modified by Stealth or Perception as appropriate. Successfully seeing a hidden prep will teach Arcana once every few minutes.

The success result is now more granular, based on how much the observer wins. You may see the spell name like before, but lesser amounts of success will show the spellbook or the realm/frequency instead.

The interaction of various feats has also changed:

Legerdemain is now very effective at helping you hide your preps, to the order of about three times as effective as it was before.

Basic Spell Recognition is required to see spell name/spellbook/realm at all. For most people, it will allow you to recognize all realms except Arcane. For Necromancers, it will instead be blind to the Holy realm.

Advanced Spell Recognition allows you to see Arcane/Holy as well, and provides a moderate bonus to detecting spell preparations.

Feel free to play with it and tell me what you think. In particular I am looking for input on the exp award and the difficulty model for getting the various results.

This message was originally posted in Discussions with DragonRealms Staff and Players / Game Master and Official Announcements, by DR-ARMIFER on the forums.
  • The title was originally "[TEST ONLY] Spell Recognition Rewrite" but had to be modified for wiki use.
  • This model was used exactly as described in the Magic 3.2 release.