Herilo's Artifacts

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Herilo's Artifacts
Province Zoluren
Justice Unknown
Town The Crossing
Map Ranik's Map 1
Owner Herilo
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Cambrinth shops, Magic shops, Cleric shops, Paladin shops, Empath shops, Ranger shops, Warrior Mage shops, Bard shops, Moon Mage shops
This store only accepts Kronars


The following items contain goods for sale:
a scroll stand
a wooden trunk
a round metal bucket
a shaal wood table
  • SHOP <STAND/TRUNK/BUCKET/TABLE>: To see what inventory is for sale on each item/surface.
  • SHOP <ITEM>: To get more information about a specific item for sale.
  • BUY <ITEM>: To make a purchase.

[Herilo's Artifacts, Showroom]
Herilo the Artificer Exemplar squints over the marble counter muttering over a tattered manuscript. You feel powerful forces at work all around you in this atelier of arcana. A low cabinet of satiny shaal wood holds scrolls and parchments, as well as a small carved statue. On hooks and trays around the room are beads, talismans, amulets, crystals and odd ornaments fashioned from animal parts of assorted and disgusting nature, for use as catalysts in the practice of magical arts and divination.
You also see a scroll stand, a mother-of-pearl screen, a wooden trunk, a round metal bucket and a shaal wood table.
Obvious exits: out.

On the scroll stand
Item Price Done
heavy parchment scroll labeled GAUGE FLOW 10,000   !!
pale lilac scroll labeled SEAL CAMBRINTH 3,500   !!
grey scroll labeled BURDEN 2,500   !!
sturdy yellow scroll labeled MANIFEST FORCE 3,500   !!
crisp vellum scroll labeled STRANGE ARROW 1,500   !!
off-white scroll labeled IMBUE 2,500   !!
plain scroll labeled DISPEL 5,500   !!
white scroll labeled LAY WARD 2,500   !!
fine scroll labeled EASE BURDEN 1,500   !!
On the wooden trunk
Item Price Done
crimson vessel - Ranger: Nature Manipulation 3,750   !!
clear glass ampoule - Moon Mage: Perception 3,750   !!
tiny azure leather bag - Empath: Body Purification 3,750   !!
lapis lazuli tree statuette - Life (unlimited) 1,437,500   !!
blue-grey steel staff acid-etched with geometric runes - Elemental (unlimited) 1,437,500   
crystal-inset oaken staff surmounted with a witch ball - Lunar (unlimited) 1,437,500   
slender alabaster staff with a silver cobra coiled along it - Holy (unlimited) 1,437,500   
corked glass bottle - Bard: Elemental Invocations 3,750   !!
pale blue-lacquered inkwell - Cleric: Metamagic 3,750   !!
soft blue silken reticule - Cleric: Divine Intervention 3,750   !!
dark crimson pouch - Warrior Mage: Fire Manipulation 3,750   !!
silvery-white metal jar - Warrior Mage: Earth Manipulation 3,750   !!
tiny cream-colored sack - Moon Mage: Stellar Magic 3,750   !!
deep purple glass phial - Empath: Mental Preparation 3,750   !!
cylindrical packet - Moon Mage: Enlightened Geometry 3,750   !!
small iron box - Analogous Patterns 3,750   !!
swirled red and gold glass vial - Empath: Protection 3,750   !!
small silver urn - Paladin: Sacrifice 3,750   !!
small forest-green wooden casket - Ranger: Wilderness Survival 3,750   !!
an unadorned platinum snuffbox - Trader: Illusion 3,750   
Ritual foci are needed to cast ritual spells.
The spellbook-specific foci have only 40 uses but require no feat.
The realm-attuned foci are unlimited use but require the Improvised Rituals feat.
In the metal bucket
Item Price Done
round cambrinth flake - holds 1 mana 162   !!
twisted cambrinth scrap - holds 1 mana 262   !!
curved cambrinth shaving - holds 1 mana 218   !!
narrow cambrinth shard - holds 1 mana 225   !!
thin cambrinth sliver - holds 1 mana 250   !!
grey cambrinth ring - holds 5 mana (worn on finger) 1,250   !!
simple cambrinth anklet - holds 12 mana (worn on ankle) 1,500   !!
braided cambrinth armband - holds 32 mana (worn on upper arm) 3,125   
small cambrinth orb - holds 50 mana 4,375   !!
The 1-mana and 5-mana items can be used with 0 ranks in arcana.
On the wood table
Item Price Done
simple talisman 750   !!