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[The Massive Metal Arachnid, Raffle Center]
The polished bronze walls of the room easily reflect the light of the hanging lanterns. A wide granite counter sits on this side of a canvas curtain dividing the interior space into two rooms, preventing the casual peruser from seeing the cache of prizes beyond. You also see Raffle Attendant Kentikatili, a bucket of viscous gloop, a raffle result board, a large iron arch and a sign.
Obvious exits: none.

A sign reads:

"Containers may have been filled using extraordinary measures.
If you take something out, it may or may not go back.
We will not put it back. Remove things at your own risk!"
  • NOTE*

Kentikatili says, "Remember folks, there is a 24 anlaen timer after you win a prize before you can buy another ticket!
And if you get lucky enough to win 3 prizes this fest, you're cut off from further raffles for the remainder."

Raffle 1

Item Winner Notes
shiny sapphire sequined shoes Nocturnica
polished black leather boots with tall wedge heels Ulyra
loose-fitting linen robe emblazoned with a pair of crossed swords Meven
curving erythraean cabochon Juulman
bone and white ironwood quarterstaff carved with cloaked figures Syllanthis

Raffle 6

Item Winner Notes
polished cabochon spectrolite pendant displayed on a ribbon of spun rainbow Munchausen
potency crystal Artinos
simple leather pouch embossed with a hand Thires
infuser stone Meganlique
small stormy grey cire arm pouch embroidered with crashing waves Cyiarriah

Raffle 7

Item Winner Notes
diamondique walking stick capped in animite Brachius
delicate glass globe surrounding a dark green dragon breathing crimson flames Veela
orb spider pinata dangling white streamers Myya
small clay jar Jadyce
kertig flamberge with a mikkhalbamar and huljik grip Janaetta

Raffle 8

Item Winner Notes
dark silk pouch edged in platinum threadwork Powerhaus contained 100 plat
Hollow Eve tickets Glas
dusty rose corset of satin accented with black velvet negeri blossoms Lanita
fine silk prayer sash embroidered with a sloppily crafted shoe Saragos
hunk of blue clay Bazarith

Raffle 9

Item Winner Notes
zerarin wool greatkilt bearing a platinum-shot emerald-on-sapphire tartan pattern Lerdaru
fuscous Elothean silk kimono richly brocaded with rampaging fire elementals Tarwind
dark green suede jacket with narrow lapels Tranon
prayer beads carved from highly polished Idon's sapphire Hammerfist
stuffed armadillo with its claws lacquered to a pale pink hue Kalyndara

Raffle 10

Item Winner Notes
potency crystal Lerdaru
prayer tome with a stout gloomwood cover bound in anlora-avtoma Anjinson
potency crystal Alagos
vivid pink-tinged pomegranate costume sporting a merlot ruby-dotted crown Etherian
potency crystal Aeilion

Raffle 11

Item Winner Notes
rounded darkstone pilgrim's badge Grenhart
simple leather pouch embossed with a hand Ephic
potency crystal Voyle
winterweave pilgrim's badge backed by icesteel Karissa
infuser stone Ezzra

Raffle 12

Item Winner Notes
smokewood walking stick topped with a damite skull Gept
dark silk pouch edged in platinum threadwork Jhesili Contained 100 plat Dokora
lace-edged shagreen garter studded with blued steel rivets Kaelie
blood red prayer sash clasped with a ruby goblet Unzew
miniature baby panda with tufted black ears Etreu

Raffle 13

Item Winner Notes
bamboo dye tub with darkened walnut handles Marmic
small journal bound in bluefire velvet Serennade
prayer beads wrought from lager-hued amber Seldaren
shesegri-chased silk enchanting pouch clasped with a twilight sapphire Navesi
small dergatine arm pouch embroidered with shrikes Ceindrech

Raffle 14

Item Winner Notes
hyacinth silk robe with braided brown closures Baelor
ovoid acenite vase engraved with rollicking fae Fizox
infuser stone Perune
tomiek box with attached belt straps Aashja
chestnut horsehair wig tied in droopy pigtails Mazrian

Raffle 15

Item Winner Notes
infuser stone Carme
infuser stone Kja
windstorm gossamer shawl with a cloudstone clasp Sevona
vibrant cloudstone sunburst Ruea
storm-grey prayer sash embroidered with an array of ships Talmoon

Raffle 16

Item Winner Notes
Elven wool greatkilt bearing a brown-shot grey-on-eggshell Kalyndara
polished pair of pony patterned palladium-inlaid pauldrons Abselom
potency crystal Exoduss
small alshabi stone shaped into a complex knot Ahneya
bottle of Cnyr's stout Azante

Raffle 17

Item Winner Notes
dark red boots lavishly embroidered with negeri blossoms Ronicoregest
grey linen cloak clasped with a yellow quartz Nimthiriel
dark suede morawen Tantost
faceted chartreuse pierced wraithheart Powerhaus
small dergatine arm pouch embroidered with shrikes Sydnee contained 200 Hollow Eve tickets

Raffle 18

Item Winner Notes
simple pouch embossed with a hand Dreaderic
small stormy grey cire arm pouch embroidered with crashing waves Hssanh
bright pink feather boa tipped in black Amathis
hunk of red clay Opalina
black cloak trimmed with soft shireli lace Derium

Raffle 19

Item Winner Notes
small stormy grey cire arm pouch embroidered with crashing waves Aurayn
heavy notebook wrapped in spun rainbow Klurn
richly layered robe of amaranthine velvet swept with platinum accent stitching Ezzra
potency crystal Ferkeutini
dark silk pouch edged in platinum threadwork Gabellia

Raffle 20

Item Winner Notes
simple leather pouch embossed with a hand Eteladric
molted grey and white baby penguin Dreaderic
indigo cloak with sunny yellow vela'tohr flowers embroidered on one side Emryn
pair of sleek leather fighting pants reinforced with braided sinew straps Kristalline
enveloping dergatine mantle with a sinister corvine hood Kerenelle

Raffle 21

Item Winner Notes
simple leather pouch embossed with a hand Myya
sunflower-yellow thornweave-bound book Ezmundiuz
monkey pinata posed as if it is in mid-dance Naija
infuser stone Perune
death-black dance veil with long beaded fringe Meganlique

Raffle 22

Item Winner Notes
niniam toe bells Gurias
willow-framed pilgrim's badge crafted from rosecloth Kaelie
dark iroko talking stick bearing a multitude of totemic carvings Nimthiriel
prayer tome with an alerce mosaic cover Etherian
pitch black riftstone displaying a viridian inclusion Tranon

Raffle 23

Item Winner Notes
slender black jasper eyebrow stud with spiked ends Sarkranis
mikkhalbamar dye tub with ebony handles Nimeesha
shield-shaped alerce pilgrim's badge Azante
mistwood dye tub with hemlock handles Haileyann
sturdy glaes-studded nightstick with a braided leather grip Kailiana

Raffle 26

Item Winner Notes
swath of scarlet Elothean lace Toridahn
gloomwood walking cane with a nielloed darkstone handle Coldic
fuzzy stuffed wolf spider Kaelie
dusky leather wrist sheath embroidered with crimson negeri blossoms Yao
beige prayer sash trimmed with cameo beads Aterri

Raffle 27

Item Winner Notes
spectrolite cabochon Meven
demure mistsilk slippers with low copperwood heels Somniumvisum
glitvire walking stick capped with a frost opal egg Tantost
millipede parry stick of greenheart Fieryn
infuser stone Ceindrech

Raffle 28

Item Winner Notes
simple leather pouch embossed with a hand Bellicia
potency crystal Glas
red-lacquered rowan walking stick with an orichalcum handle Ryza
cypress dye tub with linden handles Cristalyn
spring green jaalmin bandana batiked with golden ivy Larienna

Raffle 29

Item Winner Notes
Wayerd pyramid with crystalline quartz windows Ephic
small dergatine arm pouch embroidered with shrikes Gnara
keg-shaped pinata painted with the word "Ale" Marssi
perfect rivertear Artinos
night black riftstone circled by Elven gold Padhg

Raffle 30

Item Winner Notes
leather and lotusweave pack trimmed with copper shesegri embroidery Weensie
glacial teal camlet kimono sashed with absinthe emerald-strewn velvet Myya
potency crystal Kristalline
adder-shaped sacrificial dagger Kythera
raven-black bowler hat with a shadesatin grosgrain band Sendithu

Raffle 31

Item Winner Notes
pale silk prayer sash embroidered with a ship fading into a fogbank Cyiarriah
royal purple silk necktie dotted with stylized lotus medallions Etherian
infuser stone Naija
larch dye tub with satinwood handles Kalipso
bright yellow banana costume with a a golden brown iroko stem Aislynn

Raffle 32

Item Winner Notes
Hollow Eve tickets Casimira
colorful dancing skirt with a spidersilk web overlay Xionara
sleek sharkskin gem pouch clasped with an ivory fang Oshten
nightsilk bandit's mask Leonned
infuser stone Malign

Raffle 33

Item Winner Notes
cast pewter Kssarh figurine posed as though gazing into the heavens Sevona
infuser stone Rajiruji
small dergatine arm pouch embroidered with shrikes Malakye
small silver ankle knife with an amethyst orchid hilt Kiritan
pair of elegant sandals crafted of spun glitter Tarwind

Raffle 34

Item Winner Notes
pale green blanket embroidered with tiny colorful fish Cappiam
sapphire poplin tunic with pink coral buttons Hnot
impish gaethzen nimbus Taelyra
dark ilglaiks skefne capped with a black marble sphere Larienna
highly polished haralun pilgrim's badge Seisa

Raffle 35

Item Winner Notes
rose-colored boots trimmed with soft shireli lace Heatherwind
hunk of greyish clay Kalliste
simple pouch embossed with a hand Kaynta
zingana talking stick adorned with a finely reticulated texture Everics
midnight black cire kimono sashed with starlight velvet Taleek

Raffle 36

Item Winner Notes
Hollow Eve tickets Tantost Contained 200 Hollow Eve Tickets
small stormy grey cire arm pouch embroidered with crashing waves Syranna
deep orange robe of jaspe with an under-robe of linen Magdelyn
golden bladed fan Woten
gesturing chakrel s'sugi malchata amulet hung from a scorched steel chain Lemb

Raffle 37

Item Winner Notes
small dergatine arm pouch embroidered with shrikes Faedryl
black tomiek pilgrim's badge shaped like a spider Juulman
infuser stone Aeilion
quilted wool arming cap Listia
silversteel-framed pilgrim's badge crafted from spun glitter Luff

Raffle 38

Item Winner Notes
tan boots bearing a fringe of black silk Vixonia
fluffy snow white kitten displaying twin sapphire eyes Zaxor
fragile Katamba's spire Vyraen
makeshift blindfold created from strips of bloodstained bandages Carme
grey-scale targe tooled with a black arachnid Miskton

Raffle 39

Item Winner Notes
potency crystal Anuind
silver hip-chain with ruby rose bells Klurn
dark-framed spectacles with crystalline lenses Fariden
polished gloomwood talking stick carved into a lion's head at one end Kythryn
ebonwood and oiled leather map case Dewrabl contained a treasure map

Raffle 40

Item Winner Notes
glitzy spun rainbow bath towel edged with goldweave Tallen
potency crystal Broichan
ornate blindfold stitched with scenes of betrayal Aterri
set of dark blue leathers stitched with silvery lightning Cyiarriah
carved ring of milky blue mistglass displaying a tyrium set Gemfire ruby Kero

Raffle 41

Item Winner Notes
bottle of Cnyr's stout Wulftooth
silk and velvet beret in pale blue trimmed with lace Syllanthis
tamboti talking stick carved with an intricate wave-like pattern Cayde
sunset-red memoir shrouded in spun glitter Wulfheim
winterweave-bound diary Meganlique

Raffle 42

Item Winner Notes
animite circlet inlaid with Drogor's Wrath sapphires Alesea
simple leather pouch embossed with a hand Seisa
small spun rainbow arm pouch embroidered with dancing bears Shenney
spider-hilted sacrificial dagger crafted from tomiek Argothio
pinata shaped like a giant severed foot Artinos

Raffle 43

Item Winner Notes
piglet-sized cocoon spun from fuzzy ecru yarn Leilanie
round writing book covered by dragonfire brocade Magdelyn
fire-blackened mail gloves Vorkan
floppy white sunhat trailing a ribbon of cerulean satin Miskton
potency crystal Fariden

Raffle 44

Item Winner Notes
infuser stone Hammerfist
oversized diary encased in silveress Tarlof
set of merlot rubies crafted into a tiny cluster of grapes Ceindrech
rusty brown prayer sash embroidered with a large stone block Weensie "Raffle Attendant Kentikatili says, "The prayer sash, this round, may be of special interest to Gnomes or Kaldar folk.""
chic chiffon headscarf trimmed with crystalline beading Vahrek

Raffle 45

Item Winner Notes
stuffed miniature albino alligator Kerenelle
drab jute monk's robe belted with a length of rope Aterri
striking chakrel beisswurm amulet hung from a narrow silversteel chain Maltris
aldamalm carved into a gracefully curving ginko leaf Crenden non-atmo bindi-style jewelry
prayer beads fashioned from scrimshawed ivory Haileyann

Raffle 46

Item Winner Notes
potency crystal Powerhaus
durmast dye tub with eucalyptus handles Kythera
long black horsehair wig Izude hides gweths
dark iroko pilgrim's badge furrowed with lines Giulietta
stuffed penguin wearing a jaunty top hat Seisa

Raffle 47

Item Winner Notes
faded black prayer sash embroidered with a fierce dragon Arandrowse
length of Elothean silk fabric Azurinna
Xibar-blue Elothean silk necktie patterned with crystalline paisley Nazaruss
prayer tome with a haralun-bound aldamalm-wood cover Caidie
apple-green notebook swathed in cire Oshten

Raffle 48

Item Winner Notes
oiled leather herb pouch embroidered with a dancing alfar Auraopia
potency crystal Tarlof
roughly hewn gloomwood pilgrim's badge Jhesili
hunk of orange clay Voyle
potency crystal Smavandree

Raffle 49

Item Winner Notes
tailored jacket of dark wool with black diamond buttons Vorcry
tangerine crushed velvet leggings embroidered with bright green leaves Harol
Hollow Eve tickets Scooter
deobar dye tub with pine handles Tahzuen
scaled goldstone warhorn shaped with draconic details Dianelle

Raffle 50

Item Winner Notes
potency crystal Raggard
stuffed gopher Poloth
dark silk pouch edged in platinum threadwork Ogdaro
midnight blue silk dream pillow embroidered with a faiyka Grenhart
Katamba-black cashmere necktie with a gold pearl stickpin Gurias

Raffle 51

Item Winner Notes
small dergatine arm pouch embroidered with shrikes Aucella
Hollow Eve tickets Nimeesha
Hollow Eve tickets Hammerfist
elegant electrum hip-chain belled with indigo glass blossoms Vaerek
rugged woolen greatkilt bearing a white-shot blue-on-bronze tartan pattern Magdelyn

Raffle 52

Item Winner Notes
spice merchant's book bag sporting a rainbow of vibrant stains Ograth
ice-blue prayer sash of satin embroidered with a rimewolf Prinie "Raffle Attendant Kentikatili says, "The sash in this round is another of those that may be of interest to Gnomes or Kaldar folk.""
flame-orange dance veil of sheer silk with gold embroidery Aeduin
etched steel katar with a crosswrapped leather grip Nimthiriel
pair of shimmering silveress harem pants Landarias

Raffle 53

Item Winner Notes
westan wool greatkilt bearing a goldenrod-shot carmine-on-umber tartan pattern Kailiana
elegant conquest wheel of sana'ati with Elven silver icons Tathalus
rose-colored boots lined with plush silver velvet Anuind
potency crystal Saragos
potency crystal Aylay

Raffle 54

Item Winner Notes
strand of iridescent glass beads shaped like hummingbirds Brennarose
potency crystal Elec
bright blue fox pinata trailing rainbow streamers Keroo
potency crystal Liliwyck
pair of fitted midnight-blue wool trousers Shunasazi

Raffle 55

Item Winner Notes
dark silk pouch edged in platinum threadwork Bellicia
black cloak clasped with a silver-clad diamond Broichan
teak dye tub with lacewood handles Caraamon
eye-searingly orange-hued persimmon costume Dirau
tan boots with carved kapok buttons Jadyce

Raffle 56

Item Winner Notes
clear crystal fife inlaid with a trail of blood rubies Suruli
small dergatine arm pouch embroidered with shrikes Kythryn contained 200 Hollow Eve tickets.
infuser stone Marssi
Velakan linen tunic batiked with a whimsical yeehar Toridahn
soaring chakrel wyvern amulet hung from a braided electrum chain Whiteburn

Raffle 57

Item Winner Notes
silver brocade vest with mahogany buttons Dreaderic
prayer beads carved from tiny triangles of polished jade Fariden
bright yellow duckling with proportionally big palmates Everics
strand of obsidian beads shaped like ravens in flight Taung
potency crystal Nkehu

Raffle 58

Item Winner Notes
small stormy grey cire arm pouch embroidered with crashing waves Casimira
carved aganylosh'a amulet Susurrous
banded cane of layered stormbull horn Jaibriel
infuser stone Navesi
midnight blue silk kimono with an intricately embroidered sash Tarwind

Raffle 59

Item Winner Notes
grey cloak with deep red negeri blossoms embroidered on one side Tranon
orange jaspe headscarf trimmed with ivory lace Sevona
sumptuous aubergine shoulder wrap of richly dyed dragonar Seldaren
infuser stone Kilan
bright white tutu of lace with tiny snowflake charms Meven

Raffle 60

Item Winner Notes
copper-hued satin cap embroidered with a small cat Vahrek
potency crystal Xionara
potency crystal Eyuve
small bronze jar Argothio
pale blue robe fringed with red garnet beads Ruea

(missing documentation for raffles 61-81)

Raffle 82

Item Winner Notes
bottle of Cnyr's stout Dianelle
potency crystal Ledia
sniper's crossbow inlaid with mosaic negeri blossoms Vianae
Rissan-orange backpack clasped with a cracked amber skull Kelneth
gloomwood parry stick carved in a series of skulls Cristalyn

Raffle 83

Item Winner Notes
potency crystal Wulfheim
small dergatine arm pouch embroidered with shrikes Edana
gnarled glitvire talking stick adorned with a spray of colorful feathers Kythryn
simple pouch embossed with a hand Truix
delicate niello pilgrim's badge Twinkletoes

Raffle 84

Item Winner Notes
broad silk headband patterned with shesegri embroidery Shylinna
bottle of Cnyr's stout Gemia
carved ivory lily with a delicate green glass stem Kailiana
long skirt of delicate black lace over midnight blue velvet Malkien
potency crystal Anuind

Raffle 85

Item Winner Notes
shadesatin pilgrim's badge augmented with teak Tirsten
elegant dress of lustrous black silk dotted with blue diamond stars Dredd Reversible to an elegant dress of pale blue silk dappled with white opal snowflakes
spun rainbow pilgrim's badge edged with white gold Raggard
grouping of pale purple aeschelich Opalina
potency crystal Vaerek

Raffle 86

Item Winner Notes
flamewood dye tub with ash handles Felicini
dark blue leather gloves studded with silver along the back Venniea
onyx-hide bullwhip capped with a fire agate Berney
drunken pirate captain doll dangling a bottle of rum from its hook-hand Silqui
voluminous woolen greatkilt bearing a black-shot crimson-on-white tartan pattern Crisanya

Raffle 87

Item Winner Notes
rugged black leathers with a brass triquetra symbol secured upon the chest Kasto
oblong brooch of rough pozumshi Thires
horse-shaped pilgrim's badge made from tyrium Voyle
triple-strand necklace of multi-hued thealstone beads Huineng
potency crystal Vyraen

Raffle 88

Item Winner Notes
somber mourning cloak shrouded in diaphanous black lace Ithrios
silveress pilgrim's badge reinforced by purplewood Annalyse
sweeping white fur cloak lined with aubergine silk Annandale
soft grey broadcloth robe with long bell-shaped sleeves Nebby
itty-bitty fawn-hued hedgehog with drooping ears Vixonia