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Veela Usho
Race Halfling
Gender Female
Guild Ranger
Instance Prime
Relatives Usho Tribe


You are Recluse Veela Usho, Apostles Champion of The Locksmith Union, a Halfling.

You have a heart-shaped face with elegant arched eyebrows, a half-opened black rose bud with a stem that curls around one of her slightly pointed ears, gold-flecked jade eyes, an upturned nose and dimples. Your golden-streaked amber hair is very long and wavy, and is worn in a deceptively careless-looking arrangement of upswept locks held in place by a pale ivory haircomb decorated with nightfire opals. You have rosy skin dotted with shimmering clusters of pallid dewdrop lace and a scattering of vivid scarlet fire-roses glowing like banked embers upon a lissome figure.

You are tiny for a Halfling.

A blood red ruby with a cat's eye flaw in the center is positioned between your eyes, casting a fiery red glow against
your skin.

You appear to be a daydreamer.

Your forearm has a tattoo of a single arrow radiating rays of richly-shaded sunlight.

You are in good shape.

You are wearing a bloodwood battle longbow, a pair of wyvern wings crafted from embossed leather, an elegant icesilk gown with sapphire and aquamarine accents, a slender gold wedding ring depicting a dancing fae with gem-encrusted wings, an enamaled blue pin that reads "Sorry. Yesterday was the deadline for all complaints." and a pair of steel-toed stomping boots.


Slowdog Usho

Maween Usho

Barovia Fireflash-Usho
Zook Usho
Tybress Usho
Grenhart Woodspirit-Usho
Enwah Usho
Sekmeht Usho
Totenus Usho

Please see Usho family for the rest of Veela's large extended family


Marrying Slowdog is the best decision Veela ever made. Her husband is the best person she has ever known. Slowdog is her silliest playmate, best friend, loving husband, and total soulmate. And even though Veela can be quite reclusive, she is completely crazy about her gorgeous sister Bellicia Silver-Usho and her brilliant BFF Cappiam Declanth!!

and more to be revealed at a later date ha!

Finer Points

Veela is a Champion for The Order of the Apostles and strives to live up to their motto "To protect, inform, lead, and
serve the law-abiding citizens of Elanthia."

She is also a long-time member of The Locksmith's Union (some family lovingly refer to her as the family locks addict).

In her spare time Veela frequents the Engineering Society and has a fair bit of bow carving skill. Any youngster in need
can ask and she will be happy to carve an ash Nisha shortbow for their bow training.