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Aylay Meridar
Status Active
Race Human
Gender Female
Guild Ranger
Instance Prime
Relatives Thanlon, Zoi, Leilanie

"She found her way back to herself, and then a little beyond."


You see Woodland Shadow Aylay Meridar, a Human.

She has slightly pointed ears and sparkling brown eyes.
Her golden hair is long and curly, and is worn loose.
She has tanned skin.
She appear to be an adult.
Her right hip has a tattoo of a wispy white-haired fae with outstretched dragonfly-like wings settled atop a fluffy white dandelion.

She is holding a kertig straight-edged huntress scimitar with an icesteel hilt and twisted ivy inlay in her right hand.
She is wearing a dull serpent earcuff, a dull serpent earcuff, a clinging doeskin dress trimmed with beaded eagle feathers, an ebonwood shadow huntress' wristcuff inlaid with translucent icesteel vines, some glossy golden zills, a worn fur pouch with a sleek otter-head cover flap inset with cambrinth eyes and some earthen brown boots twined with verdant leafy vines.

The Earthquake

Sparkling large brown eyes, not unlike a doe, gazed at the world around her.
Elanthia had crumpled around her in a moment of chaos. Shaken, she could slowly feel the land calm around her; it was almost as if the wind whispered to her that she need not be afraid, and in the peace of the forest she wasn’t. Alone in moccasin covered feet, she followed the path that lay out before her, and she followed as the trees began to thin and the quiet hum of nature dulled and the bustle of city began to fill her with a quiet anxiety. She inhaled one last breath of fresh air and mustered up all the bravery she could and stepped beyond the comfort she had known. She wandered along the paved streets silently, the ground unforgiving beneath her feet; everything about this place was hard. She stood out- sun kissed skin, leaves in her golden curls, small pointed ears like a pixie’s. The young girl’s heart began to panic, everything was so unnatural. Her feet urged her to run, but something in her heart beckoned her to stay. Her eye caught sight of a familiar face; the sleek black wolf ran up alongside her, nuzzling his head into the young girl’s side. She reached a hand down; nails dirty from a life spent one with the earth, and pet the wild soul. The wolf took a few steps forward and turned around expectedly gazing at her and with a silent exchange she followed.