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Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Male
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime
Relatives Arkanon


You are Fire Cabalist Aeilion, an Elf. You have a square face, pointed ears, sparkling blue-grey eyes and a slim animite septum ring threaded through an amaranth riftstone piercing the septum of a classical nose. Your auburn hair is shoulder length and peppered. You have tanned skin and a lean build. You are slightly under average height for an Elf. You are young. You are clean shaven. Your forearm has a tattoo of the symbol for aether rendered in striking incarnadine hues.

He is wearing... usually an ashcloak, some robes with his armor and weapons.


Favorite Weapons: Large swords or axes, Crossbow
Devotion: Meraud
Heritage: Mountain Elf
Birthplace: Elamiri (Raised in Ain Ghazal)

Fun Facts:

He likes to set things on fire, you'll often see him surrounded by a wealth of blazing fires outside of the Warrior Mage guild in the Crossing. Somewhat of a troublemaker, very thin filter between his thoughts and mouth. He's inherently good, though chaotic unlawful with various structured morals. Currently he is between travels on pilgrimages to each of the warrior mage guilds, learning all he can about the Disciples of Arhat.