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Grenhart woodspirt Usho
Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Male
Guild Ranger
Instance Prime

Grenhart woodspirt-Usho of Elanthia, an Elven Ranger.
He is tall for an elf. He has pointed ears and silver eyes. His blue-black hair is very long and wavy, and is worn braided. He has copper skin.
He has a tattoo of a skeletal sailor adorned in rotting seaweed on his arm.

Grenhart (Gren) woodspirt

A Sand Elf. A Ranger by trade. Odd thing for a Sand Elf, the dunes of Velaka are long way from the forests usually associated with the Ranger’s Guild, but being a Ranger is a calling and it really doesn’t matter where you hail from. Of course in keeping with his roots he is a follower of Kuniyo and favors the blade over the bow.

Grenhart’s father was a trader and on one his visits to the Crossing with his father he ran into an odd little guy named Snare running around with a whole posse of raccoons in tow. Fascinated by this strange creature and his raccoons Grenhart left his home and traveled alone back to the Crossing to investigate.

Snare explained to Grenhart the working of the Ranger Guild and introduced him to the crazy lady that runs the Crossing Ranger Guild. Snare’s view was basically train or die, and if you didn’t train he would be happy to help you die.

After some discussion with Snare about the "die" part, Grenhart joined and the crazy lady accepted him into the guild.

For the record Snare wasn't kidding about the "die" part.

A solitary creature by nature Grenhart stayed mainly in the wilds. During the Gorbesh War his good friend Darkskye D'leave introduced him to a war band called the Apostles. There he met Rock Loyalheart and Candidus, two of the finest Tinmen that have ever walked these realms. He fought in the war with the Apostles not really knowing that the war band would eventually become an order of the realms.

After the Gorbesh War Grenhart returned to the wilderness until the Outcasts arrived. He returned to service as a member of the ZEF. He fought the Outcasts all the way to Shard and stood, and fell, at the gates of the city.

Grenhart was particularly torn in this war as the Outcast’s were desert peoples and Queen Morganae’s reference to them as “desert curs” cut deep. For Elf or any other race the desert is harsh and you learn to give respect to those that survive it. The end of that war did not sit well with Grenhart and he again returned to the wilderness.

Some years later he returned to Crossing and made new friends.

Over the years many of Grenhart’s friends and comrades have departed the realms and you can often find him enjoying a toast to them. Grenhart mourns the passing of old friends and wears the scars of old battles, but as the Sand Elves say there are always new friends to make and new battles to be won (Berri jora we berri gorma).

So cheers my friend, here is to the next day may the Gods be merciful we will live to see it.

And drink to the next.

Or something.