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Malkien Pinav-Sedra
Race Kaldar
Gender Male
Guild Empath
Instance Prime
Relatives Everild, Trothfang, Kuniyo


You are Walking Armory Malkien Pinav-Sedra, Lionheart of Elanthia, a Kaldaran Barbarian.

You have a series of razor-thin scars along the jawline and electrifying Xibar-blue eyes. Your silver-gilt-streaked white hair is very long and fine with both sides shaved at the temple, and is worn pulled back in a ponytail. You have pale skin and an athletic build.

You are of commanding height for a Kaldar.

You appear to be in your prime.

Gently looping strands of sungold create an intricate pattern of mesmerizing spirals across your forehead, the warm metal shimmering with all the rich hues of a rising sun. A stunning vengeance ruby solitaire dangles freely from the center, resting just above your eyes.

You have a tattoo of a muscular stag poised in an alert stance on your calf.

Branded along the corner of your right eye and through your eyebrow is a puckered scar in the shape of a dragon's tail flail. Thinner lines create the trio of interlocking chains that crisscross down your cheek.

You are wearing a T'Kashi mirror claymore, a T'Kashi mirror halberd, a T'Kashi mirror flail, a senci maul, a T'Kashi mirror maul, a T'Kashi mirror blade, a savage mammoth-bone hauberk barbarically swathed in fleshy tatters of sianedra, a monstrous star-kissed kertig maul, a senci spear, a senci spear, a senci spear and a chakrel teardrinker dual-wielding two icesteel dragon's tail flails. >



  • 357: Born to a Kaldar migrant family in Dirge. The power and fury of the volcano fascinate him from a young age.
  • 373: Raised with traditional Kaldar values (and following the Kaldaran pantheon of the 13), he joins the Barbarian guild and chooses Everild as his personal deity.
  • 393: Lyras' invasion strengthens his distaste of sorcery, necromancy in particular. He recognizes (and even uses) the practicality of more traditional magic and magical devices, but he develops a deep mistrust of necromancy and high sorcery, believing many of the realm's major problems (such as Lyras and Lord Sorrow) to be the result of mages meddling with powers beyond their understanding.
  • 414: A second invasion by the Gorbesh creates conflict for him, as he is loathe to fight other Gorbesh or Kaldar.
  • 441: Appointed Lieutenant of the Northern Watch, and vows to help defend Therengia against Necromancers and Ravens.
  • 442: The discovery of Ephemera lead him to vow to discover their mysteries, and to become Ephemera Kermorian League Champion some day.

Noteworthy Deeds

  • Being voted 'Most Handsomest Kaldar' by a panel of himself.
  • Hunting flex westies to extinction and still not having enough money for a boat.
  • Single-handedly repelling a goblin invasion by lining the walls of The Crossing with soap suds.
  • Enslaving Kemosiris to a life of delicious sandwich-making.
    • After being enslaved for so long, Kemosiris finally escapes after distracting Malkien by having him look at a bug under a moving caravan.