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Malkien Pinav-Sedra
Race Kaldar
Gender Male
Guild Empath
Instance Prime
Relatives Everild, Trothfang, Kuniyo


You are Malkien Pinav-Sedra, a Kaldar.
You have gold-flecked stormy grey eyes. Your silver-gilt-streaked white hair is very long and fine, and is worn pulled back in a ponytail. You have pale skin and an athletic build.
You are very tall for a Kaldar.
You are in your prime.
You have a tattoo of a fluttering flag with the Gorbesh insignia on your arm.
You are in good shape.

You are wearing a blackened steel helm wrought into the malevolent visage of a saber-toothed beast, an Outrider's sochi adorned with a silver fist, an enveloping cloak of midnight black velvet with a skull-shaped clasp, a shimmering faeweave baldric with cambrinth buckles, a crimson Gorbesh catapult basket boldly embellished with a stormsilk dragon's tail flail, a dark silverweave lootsack, a worn grey hitman's backpack with fraying straps, some haralun elbow spikes, a damite skirmisher's shield, some haralun spiked knuckles, a firestained silver band intricately engraved with whorls of storm clouds, a gleaming platinum Grey Raven guard's ring, an oiled leather belt with a polished platinum buckle, a lumpy bundle, some haralun knee spikes, some pitted steel-toed footwraps and a calcified femur.

Noteworthy Deeds

  • Being voted 'Most Handsomest Kaldar' by a panel of himself.
  • Hunting flex westies to extinction and still not having enough money for a boat.
  • Single-handedly repelling a goblin invasion by lining the walls of The Crossing with soap suds.
  • Enslaving Kemosiris to a life of delicious sandwich-making.
    • After being enslaved for so long, Kemosiris finally escapes after distracting Malkien by having him look at a bug under a moving caravan.