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Azante Al'Ordin
Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Male
Guild Cleric
Instance Prime


You see Zoluren's Blood Azante Al'Ordin, Soul Shepherd of Alamhif, an Elven Cleric. A holy aura of benevolence emanates from him, illuminating his countenance brightly. Azante has pointed ears and a smattering of wrinkles emphasizing thoughtful cloud-grey eyes. He has cropped brilliant silver hair, with fair skin. A lustrous anloral shaped like a tiny temple rests on his forehead, just above his eyes. He appears mature. He has a tattoo of an elaborate bridge lit by hundreds of tiny candles. Above the bridge hovers an incredibly detailed dark feathered magpie guiding a group of lost children across the bridge. Along its length, the bridge blurs and darkens on his back. A shadowy orb rippling with silver arcs of light hovers like a will-o-wisp, following him diligently.

He is wearing a khor'vela staff with cambrinth-filled cutouts representing the pantheon, a plump temple rat, an anloral magpie pin, a wide-brimmed green cavalier hat with a brown hawk feather, a sunny yellow mistsilk cloak, a shield-shaped commemorative pin, a chameleon dwarf kingfisher with white-spotted black and gold plumage, a plain grey chaplain's satchel, a velvety dergatine cassock draped with a thin silversteel mesh, a set of simple wooden prayer beads, an engraved silver censer suspended from a sturdy chain, a leather thigh bag heavily-beaded in cambrinth with the image of a winking magpie and some soft doeskin sandals with tiny hand-carved bone buckles.