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Tathalus Kitsune
Status Active
Race Elothean
Gender Male
Guild Thief
Instance Prime

You are a fellow thief, Goblin Bait Tathalus Kitsune, Combat Failure of Phelim, an Elothean. You have a square-jawed face with an assortment of short, thin scars criss-crossing the right cheek, piercing stormy charcoal eyes and a straight nose. Your silver-streaked black hair is shoulder length and thick, and is worn in a simple, pulled-back style held in place by a sleek cord of braided nightsilk knotted with scoundrel's diamonds. You have tanned skin and a barrel-chested build. You are tall for an Elothean. You are in your prime. You have a stud of polished glaes nestled into the groove underneath your lower lip. Your forearm has a tattoo of a haunted skull formed from tendrils of smoke with smoldering embers for eyes.

You are wearing a sleek firecat skin with scintillating fire whirl ruby eyes, a charred metal badge labeled "Stealer of Life", a stud of polished glaes, a kertig warrior's badge engraved with a stylized battle scene, a blackened steel badge etched with "Keep it up and you'll become a strange smell in the attic", a dented brass badge stamped with "Why has no one hit you with a shovel yet?", an audrualm biomechanical tarantula, a rugged shadesatin tote studded with shadow emerald nightingales, a gleaming copper badge engraved with "The beatings will continue until morale improves!", a burnished gold badge carved with "You had me at 'We'll make it look like an accident'", a large bast fishing vest adorned with icesteel hooks, a fitted heretic black satin shirt with silversteel buttons, a dashing spidersilk locksmith's tunic belted with a thick sash, a black steel mourning band inlaid with ivory lilies, a blue-white glaes wedding band inlaid with dark xenomite stars, a broad white gold wedding band engraved with a pair of warriors, a miniature crossbow, a leather thigh pouch covered with bright orange silk patches, some prisoner's iron leg chains and a pair of nightmare-black boots with low heels.