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Status Active
Race Human
Gender Female
Guild Necromancer
Instance Prime


Antiquary Emryn Arderne, a Human.
She has a round face, moss-green eyes and a small nose. Her russet hair is shoulder length and straight, and is worn in a simple, pulled-back style held in place by some grey silk hair ribbons danging tiny lightning bolt charms. She has fair skin and a lean figure.
She is in her prime.
She is tall for a Human.
She is an adult.

She is wearing an intricate silver hand tipped with emerald-pierced wraithhearts, a thick and downy grey scarf, a slim leather scholar's tote with silver scrollwork along the flap, a sturdy silver backpack, a tailored grey cotton blouse with black satin ribbon lacing, a black velvet robe stitched with diagonal bands of grey nightweaver silk, a miniature goldenwood talisman case, a black gem pouch, some side-laced knee pants with braided twine laces and some glossy black leather boots lined in soft wool.