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Woten Muninn
Status Active
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime

You are War Wizard Woten Muninn, Archmage of Zoluren, a Human Warrior Mage.
Your skin has taken on a fiery orange-yellow sheen, blurring your features and lending you the flickering appearance of living flame.
You have laugh lines and stormy grey eyes. You have cropped black hair, with tanned skin and a brawny build.
A triangular smoke grey diamond adorned with an intaglio charging boar nestles at the top of your forehead, brightened by faint, darting sparkles deep within the gem.
You are in your prime.
You have a full mustache and a long bushy beard with a central braid displaying an acid-etched kertig raven.
Your shoulder has a tattoo of a coal-black raven, its wings reaching upward.
You are in good shape.

You are wearing a platinum circlet etched with dragons in various poses, a delicate gold necklace displaying a magnificent Gemfire ruby, a deep cerulean silk hooded longcoat lined in gold, a gold wyvern medal, a carved dragonwood staff set with an orb of iridescent cambrinth, a full-sleeved amber silk shirt with flared cuffs, an elegant tailcoat of cerulean silk with narrow sleeves, an ice-veined leather weapon belt secured by heavy steel buckles, a sanrisi-bound journal etched with a hexad of elemental symbols, a soft black velvet spellbook case embroidered with glistening silver spiderwebs, a pair of knee breeches handsomely tailored from deep cerulean silk and some heavy ice-veined leather boots reinforced by steel sabatons.