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Lanita Sudrazive
Race Rakash
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime
(Unfinished portrait by Khiersty-Ahn S. Presa)

You are Pack Storyteller Lanita Dh'riza of Elanthia, a Rakash. You have thick-lashed emerald eyes and a small nose. Your opalescent hair is very long and straight, and is worn tied back. You have pale skin contoured with glittering swipes of translucent crystal dust and a slender figure. You are short for a Rakash. You are a pack beta. You have a tattoo of a softly colored starling looking curiously at its opened cage door on your left ankle. You are in good shape.

You are holding an oversized book labeled "Tome of Trivia" on the cover in your right hand. You are wearing some whimsical black sapphire earrings suspended in silver, a long silver chain threaded with a set of house keys, a wrought iron birdcage and some dainty dress slippers.


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