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Jhesili Plains-Walker
Status Active
Race Prydaen
Gender Female
Guild Trader
Instance Prime


Jhesili is a Prydaen from the Grasslands region and was born during the Great Migration from the West. She was always fascinated with the curious peoples they met and the mysterious places they saw as her kin traveled towards their new home. This fascination lead to her live as a trader, allowing her the freedom to travel, discover new things, learn new stories, and of course collect new kinds of junk. She learned to speak Common while on her journey East, listening to the amalgamation of dialects and piecing together her own version of the language, thus her strange speech patterns.

Jhesili is a traditional Prydaen and devout follower of the Three, especially Demrris. She does not tolerate the "kitty" Prydaen who she believes to be cursed by the Three or just plain mad. She used to be fairly intolerant of idle physical contact but age has softened her to being more accepting, although she still believes it rude to "fondle" those you don't know without asking.

Jhesili currently travels Elanthia looking for deals on junk and new tales to tell. She hawks her wares in her shop in Haven Plaza called Jhesili's Junk.


You are Junk Magnate Jhesili Plains-Walker, Munan of Elanthia, a Prydaen. You have a simple bone earcuff carved into spirals accenting one of the pointed ears, cat-slitted jade eyes and a steel nose ring piercing the side of her nose. Your golden brown mane is long and thick, and is worn loose. You have a set of vibrant green absinthe emeralds accenting tawny fur with brown spots and a slender tail. Seven laden pack yaks float lazily around your head, glowing with a lustrous sheen against your fur. You are a sun-lounger. You have a pair of satiny iroko-framed goggles, inset with tiny champagne diamond chips, resting across the bridge of your nose. Polished gold cable chains encircle the protruding crystal lenses before meeting along the adjustable diamond-hide straps.

You are in good shape.

You are holding a doeskin compendium with worn edges in your right hand. You are wearing some plain doeskin leather gloves, an engineer's satchel crafted from reinforced wyvern hide, a dark leather traveler's pack branded with a stylized dragon, a delicate platinum diadem set with glittering black opals, a green leather hat with a wide steelsilk band, a dull serpent earcuff, a dull serpent earcuff, a pair of very thick leather goggles, a leather-corded Prydaen ancestral bone necklace, a merchant's cloak lined with sunkissed chiffon, a pair of silversteel-framed wings made from delicately inked parchment pages, a dragonfire brocade crafting satchel with a spiral smokewood clasp, a dark steelsilk pack dangling metal cogs on leather cords, some grey canvas overalls with wide black stripes, a fine leather waistcoat pinstriped with sunkissed chiffon, an oval steel shield emblazoned with a giant mechanical spider, a heavily lacquered plumwood parry stick, an albredine crystal ring, a pair of copper zills, an oiled leather belt with a polished platinum buckle and a tarnished ring mail tasset crafted from dull metal links.


a merchant's cloak lined with sunkissed chiffon

Deep folds of supple brown leather comprise the length of the calf-length cloak and a double row of vibrant green senci buttons provide for secure closure. Slits along the front of the garment allow for free movement of the leather-clad arms while exposing the metallic golden shine of the sunkissed lining beneath. Fox fur adorns the overly wide collar, which covers the top of each shoulder and can be flipped up to provide protection from the elements.

a doeskin-swathed plainswalker's spear tipped by a broad senci spearhead

Forked segments of antler secured with sinew jut out in a ring around the spear's neck, nestled between tufts of yak fur and feathers. Sunstar jaspar and seastar tourmaline beads wheel round the length of the weapon, suspended from long rawhide tassels. Bound tightly about the mid-shaft, knotted blades of grass function as the handgrip, the circuitous weave of black and cream forming a maze-like pattern. The initials "M.C." are burned into the leather near the base.