Pierless Inn

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Pierless Inn
Province Therengia
Town Riverhaven
Map Ranik's Map 30
# of Rooms 12
Store Type Food shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Pierless Inn, Quiet Bar]
This small, quiet room is warm and cozy. Resembling the parlor of a prosperous house more than a bar, it exudes comfort and serene enjoyment. A large fireplace holds a cheery blaze filling the room with warmth. Fragrant fruitwood smoke scents the air. Leather couches and chairs gather around small tables for the comfort of guests. A small service counter offers an array of drinks and food to match the ambiance. You also see a waitress and a cozy table with a menu on it.

Menu 1: Beers and Ales
Item Price Done
1) Stout 5   
2) Abbey Beer 18   
3) Haven's Special Barleywine 30   
4) Pierless Bitter 13   
5) Harvest Bock 18   
6) Icebock 23   
7) Lager 10   
8) Lambic 14   
9) Red Blood-ale 20   
10) Amber Ale 12   
Menu 2: Wines and Spirits
Item Price Done
11) Honeywine 30   
12) Sweet Red Wine 35   
13) Ice-cured White Wine 40   
14) Lethian Ouisque 70   
15) Brandycream 60   
16) Raspberry Cordial 30   
17) Honey-Apple Mead 25   
18) Greenbottle's Reserve 120   
Menu 3: Snacks
Item Price Done
18) Honey-Roasted Peanuts 15   
19) Spiced Walnuts 25   
20) Curried Pecans 20   
21) Blue Cheese Puffs 25   
22) Fried Meat Pastries 25   
24) Flaky Yeehar Hand-pie 25   


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Pierless Inn
Location: Riverhaven, Therengia (RanikMap30)
Class / Type: Middle / Urban
Restrictions: None
Justice: City
Form: Door
Homes (Free): 3 (1)
Last Checked: 18 May 2019

Pierless Inn.gif

Location Category Restrictions Owner Appearance
Third Floor Landing - 1 Middle Class, Urban Alagos rusty black iron door marred at the bottom by large claw marks splattered with suspicious dark red stains
Hallway - 2 Middle Class, Urban Unclaimed bronzed oak door
Hallway - 3 Middle Class, Urban Kezza rounded goldenoak door painted with a weeping willow