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Sunfall Hub is one of the last remaining Prydaen villages. It is located in Eastern Kermoria in the High Mountains of Sorrow's Reach near Kaerna Village.
From Kaerna, go North to the stone trail, CLIMB TRAIL, SEARCH until you find a path, GO PATH and head North and East until you find the trail leading to Sunfall Hub as well as the Prydaen favor altar in the room below:

[Foothills, Road]
Tall pines stand in silent vigil at a sharp west-north curve in the road. Steep hills curve protectively above to the south and east, while to the north the landscape drops sharply as it descends to meet the river below. A slight smell of charred wood hangs upon the air. You also see a wooded trail.
Obvious paths: north, west.

MOVE UP once.

[Foothills, Wooded Path]
The angle of the path gives travelers a workout, navigating through the trees that thin toward the rise to the south. Ground litter makes footing treacherous at times as well as noticeably muffling noise underfoot. Despite the obvious lack of use to the area, the abundant sounds of wildlife indicate it is quite a thriving environment.
Obvious paths: up, down.

You can SEARCH the room above to look for a hidden trail. However, there is no requirement to actually find the trail to enter (or leave the area once inside), simply GO TRAIL without searching.

On the way to the hub after taking the hidden trail you can expect to encounter Malodorous Bucca. There are also a few rooms to mine in.

Once in the hub, keep an eye open for the Copperhead Viper that are in the area.

[High Mountains, Sunfall Hub]
Thick, moss covered oaks encircle this rugged clearing. An icy stream cuts through the rugged red rock where a few Prydaen kits stop to catch a quick sip. Several tents made out of animal fur are set up in a circle with grey stones arranged in the middle. A small trail leads out through the thick tangle of foliage. You also see a Prydaen hunter, a young Prydaen, a Prydaen hunter and a Prydaen warmage.
Obvious exits: out.


Residential Area

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