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PERC CRITTER Rewrite · on 01/16/2015 02:16 PM CST 302
I've rewritten the Empath PERC CRITTER command.

1) The output is now a little more flavorful.
2) The ability now distinguishes between living, construct, and undead. Cursed-but-not-undead fall under living.
3) You get a token amount of Empathy experience if you perceive a non-construct. There's a timer on how often you get experience, and it's per Empath not per creature. I may adjust it up a touch, but it's meant to be a small boon for new Empaths, rather than a reliable training mechanism.

I am concerned that, due to how it tracks what is undead, there may be false positives or false negatives. Please play with it and let me know if any show up.


This message was originally posted in The Empaths \ Game Master and Official Announcements, by DR-ARMIFER on the forums.