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Barbarian Ability Slot Re-Costing · on 09/20/2015 12:01 AM CDT 1267
Hello everyone. I am about to roll in some changes to Barbarian Slot costs. Most notably, you'll be set to the Tertiary advancement rate of 2 slots per circle until circle 102. Thereafter you will gain 1 slot per 3 circles, until circle 150. No slots will be earned after circle 150.

This should increase your maximum slot count from about 55 to 68.

To facilitate this change, I reviewed the Barbarian ability slot formulas, and decided it was necessary to increase several roar costs by 1 slot. Please note the following:

Death's Embrace now costs 2 slots
Everild's Rage now costs 2 slots
Kuniyo's Strike now costs 4 slots
Wail now costs 3 slots
Slash the Shadows now costs 4 slots
Death's Shriek now costs 4 slots

Even if you learned all these roars, you would still come out significantly ahead with the new formulas. And while they may hurt younger Barbarians slightly, at circle 50 you do end up with +1 slot versus the old formulas which should help some.

CHOOSE FORGET ALL will be available to everyone for the next week or so to give you a chance to test this out. After that you'll get 1 free complete respec and the normal 30-day forget timer.

Roar Lash was upgraded to a short duration due to be more in line with other magic-interacting debuffs. Still can't affect critters yet sadly :/

Meditate Serenity's barrier blocking IF cost was reduced substantially. This should help when confronted with pulsing spells and rapid-firing attacks. Still more work to be done with this once Barrier Review has completed...

Please let me know what you think!

This message was originally posted in Discussions with DragonRealms Staff and Players \ Game Master and Official Announcements, by DR-KODIUS on the forums.