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Feature Alteration Rules · on 11/03/2015 10:03 AM CST 4226
Just a mechanical note and so that the current rules are very clear.

Feature alterations are currently only approved for pay-events. This year is a really really big experimentation and will influence how future options become available and any rule changes on how available they may be.

Feature alterations are currently limited to one per account forever.

  • This rule might change in the future after more consideration, but please understand, this is the current rule and this type of alteration is still very new.
  • Yes, this is still limited to one feature as well and will continue to be so.
  • This rule does not apply to any vouchers supplied. If you have/win/purchase a voucher, you can freely claim it.
  • If you use a voucher, you may not claim another by way of voucher or with an alterer.
  • Explanation of options are here:
  • If rules change, notification will be provided.
  • We are tracking all custom alterations by instance, character, account, and what was done.

If you were FORCED into a feature alteration, your account may still claim one, but not by the alterer that forced the alteration on you.

  • We're tracking who was forced.
  • Currently, only one alterer is doing this work, but there are tentative plans to make others available.
  • ALL feature alterations can be reversed by Empaths with sufficient skill.

Necromancer specific. (This is vague on purpose at this time.)

  • Necromancers may or may not be pulled from a waiting crowd.
  • Necromancers are the only ones that get randomly kidnapped and given an offer with the current alterer.
  • Necromancers are given two options. One negates the other.
  • Custom offers negates the system offer permanently.
  • System offer negates custom offer until the next pay-event.
  • The system offer is only given to Necromancers because they get locked out of this option early.
  • These offerings are currently specific to the current alterer/event and may not always be offered from future ones.
  • Not every Necromancer gets kidnapped. It depends on the GMPC controller's availability and what Necromancers are around.

Please feel free to post questions, complaints, or comments. I'll try to answer them as candidly as possible without revealing things about the current event. If you are not comfortable posting, you can direct comments, questions, complaints, etc to

--- NaOH+HI

This message was originally posted in Events and Happenings in DragonRealms' Elanthia \ Hollow Eve Festival, by DR-NAOHHI on the forums.