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New Wood and Gems for Hollow Eve · on 10/02/2015 06:02 PM CDT 487

A clear green gem that is formed from leftover casing of the seed of a planted aldamalm tree, crushed into a hard gem by the ever-growing roots of the tree and eventually expelled when the tree reaches its full growth. Because of this, it is sometimes used to represent the ever-changing fate of life ahead. Each stone has water-like inclusions of cerulean and turquoise that appear to move like lapping waves when the gem is tilted. Faceting only increases this effect.


Created when fresh lava flows over pre-formed clusters of blue topaz, this smoky translucent gem retains a distinct, vivid blue in its heart that follows the fissures that streak through the stone like frozen flames. The edges hold a charred, fiery orange that when hit by the light replicates the look of coals.


Found in dead volcanoes, this crystalline stone is formed in small lattice groupings. Their colors can very between different greens, blues and purples depending on the heat of the lava when the volcano was active but they all have an unmistakable pocket of air holding fine webs of gold inside of them. Great care must be taken when working with these gems to prevent breaking them open and ruining the delicate structure within.

aldamalm tree/wood:

Typically grown in wet, warm soil rich in minerals, the aldamalm tree grows tall, with a dark bark and hanging branches covered in tiny leaves, similar to a weeping willow. It grows from a large avocado-sized green seed, which is gradually crushed under the growing roots into a green gem called an aldamalm. The wood itself is very pale with streaks of green and blue throughout the grain from the minerals that are drawn up through it as it grows.

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