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The POSE command is used to enact a series of silly poses. In addition, Gor'Togs have several special pose options and Kaldar have access to a POSE STRONG.

Syntax and Messaging

  • POSE (standing): You strike a heroic pose.
<Player> strikes a heroic pose.
  • POSE (kneeling): You place your hands beneath your chin and turn your eyes up to the heavens.
<Player> places <his/her> hands beneath <his/her> chin and turns <his/her> eyes up to the heavens.
  • POSE (sitting): You lean forward and rest your chin in your hand, a thoughtful expression on your face.
<Player> leans forward and rests <his/her> chin in his hand, a thoughtful expression on <his/her> face.
  • POSE (lying down): You stretch one arm along your side and prop up your head with the other hand.
<Player> stretches one arm along <his/her> side and props up <his/her> head with the other hand.


  • POSE STRONG: You flex your powerful biceps. What a 'Tog!
<Player> flexes his bulging biceps. Looks like <he/she> could lift a horse!
  • POSE HEAD: You buff your scalp, trying to bring out the shine.
<Player> buffs <his/her> scalp, making it shine.
  • POSE BIG: You draw yourself up to your full height and try your best to look scary.
<Player> looms menacingly!
  • POSE CUTE: Awww. Mama's little toggler!
<Player> hunkers down and looks sort of cute, in a gigantic hairless way.
  • POSE GENTLE: You concentrate on not squashing little folks, like Gnomes ... and Elves ... and ponies ...
<Player> gets a careful, slightly worried look on <his/her> face.
  • POSE SILLY: You stick out your tongue and cross your eyes.
<Player> makes a very peculiar face. Did <he/she> eat a bad clam?
  • POSE SNAKE: You do your best to imitate a S'Kra Mur!
<Player> scrunches up <his/her> face, wiggles <his/her> behind, and makes a feeble hissing sound.
  • POSE IMPORTANT: You stand up straight and concentrate on looking dignified.
<Player> straightens <his/her> shoulders, tilts <his/her> chin upward, and gets a serious expression on <his/her> face.
  • POSE SORRY: You try your best to look apologetic and sincere.
<Player> hangs <his/her> head and looks like <he/she> might cry. <He/She> didn't accidentally squash a close friend, did <he/she>?