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Re: Teaching Updates · on 04/04/2015 06:57 PM CDT 914
Alright. I've made two additional adjustments (Again, with thanks to Grejuva for rapid fire QCing).

Firstly - I've raised the limit for how much exp can be learned per pulse. This should offer some release at extreme levels of the system.

Secondly - Barbarians/Thieves can now learn Augmentation/Debilitation/Warding|Utility from any guild again. However, it is less efficient. (Barbarian + Barbarian = Good. Barbarian + Thief = Okay. Barbarian + Magic User = Poor).

... logically this means Barbarians/Thieves should be able to teach these skills again, but I, uh, forgot to code that whole making the other update. Gimmie a few minutes.


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