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A Couple of Spell Changes · on 03/07/2015 10:26 PM CST 2020
Hiya folks.

As we are all very much aware, there's some serious cleric hax out there. I've got a couple of spell changes that just went live that are intended on pulling back some of the more insanely overpowered, or downright unintentional spell mechanics that are used by the guild.


Most of the changes to Halo will probably only be felt in PvP, since apparently it's been a wonderful way to prevent any and all melee engagement, while providing plenty of stun-tastic goodness to any who even try to be anywhere close to the Cleric.

1. If you are using Halo as a self cast spell - it will only fire every 25 seconds, unless you meet the emergency criteria that the spell checks for. So if you want it to just fire over and over again preventing melee, I suggest you fall over and wait for a hammer to hit you in the forehead.

2. Forcing Halo to fire through infusion now has a 15 second cooldown.

3. Stuns from Halo have been replaced with balance modifications, except for evil/cursed targets.

4. Halo now actually respects barriers in a significant way. Prior to these changes, though a barrier could stop one pulse, the next pulse was right back to full strength. Now, if a barrier defeats a self cast Halo pulse, Halo will end. If a barrier weakens a self cast Halo pulse, the next pulse will begin with that weakness. And if an OM stored Halo pulse is affected by a barrier, then the OM orb will suffer from a mild to dramatic loss of stored mana, since OM stored spells do not have Integrity.

5. Each time Halo pulses it will lose a very minor amount of Potency. This part probably won't be noticeable, unless you are using a lot of pulses per cast.


1. The percentage debuff to weapons/armor/shields is now based on the SvS Win score, rather than purely on Potency of the cast. This will either make your debuffs more or less powerful, depending on how you relate to your target. Capped mana will no longer guarantee a capped debuff though. Which, by the way, no other spell in the game does as far as I know.

2. Weapons will no longer be 'cursed' to the point that a player cannot put them away/drop them. I think there were a few ways around this part already depending on circumstance. Instead, if a player puts a weapon away and gets another one out during the debuff, that new weapon will be affected by the original spell within a second or 2. Then both weapons will continue to be cursed until the spell wears off.

ASGM Ricinus
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Cleric Advocate

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