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Lotusweave is a textile harvested and spun from filaments of the stems of lotus flowers. The fabric exhibits a highly breathable nature while retaining a silken luster and warmth, and it holds light-colored dyes exceptionally well.

Lotus Weaver Urdesas Arathaire is currently the only known merchant who specializes in this material.

Unless otherwise specified by the alterer, lotusweave and its variants must be provided for alterations.


Longleaf Lotusweave

This is a specific variant of lotusweave. Specially prepared in a treatment process of steeping in oil, sweating out impurities, and drying which was perfected by members of the Elothean House of the Gilded Longleaf. Due to the laborious collection and preparation process, in addition to the sheer volume of stems required to produce a full garment, Longleaf lotusweave demands a considerable price.


ItemSource isRare item
Austere steely blue kimono cut to display a Longleaf lotusweave under-robeLimited Treasures (2)true
Black lotusweave vest featuring matching pocketsThryntyrlz BagMaker's Yurt (4)true
Broad animite tailband accented with sanguine lotsuweaveOpen Lotus Designs (2)true
Cobalt zenganne talisman pouch suspended on a stormheart topaz-beaded straptrue
Cream-white lotusweave wrist pouchOpen Lotus Designs (1)true
Dainty canary yellow Longleaf lotusweave reticule dangling from slender gold cordsTurmar-Magen Charity Auctiontrue
Delicate Elven lace shawl embellished with prismatic lotusweave fringeOpen Lotus Designs (2)true
Demure high-necked gown dyed an oceanic blueTurmar-Magen Charity Auctiontrue
Faded black lotusweave bandana embroidered with wild snake liliesOpen Lotus Designs (2)true
Flame-hued rencate war hammer bound in pale ivory Longleaf lotusweaveOwirvald Riverhaven Auction 420true
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