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Part 2: Wedding Items

Laulivas Laufisana "Wedding Sack / Marriage Sack"

A laulivas laufisana is a type of sack used in traditional Rakash wedding ceremonies. They come only in either pure white or pure black, though any fabric or leather can otherwise be used, and are always embroidered or otherwise embellished with the phrase "Jo Rans Rila", which means "For My Love" in Rakash. Capitalizing each word in the embroidered phrase is the most traditional, but as long as that phrase is present and the sack is pure white or pure black, it will suffice as a proper laulivas laufisana.

Rantija and Odaj for Weddings

While the Rakash do not distinguish an odaj or rantija created for a wedding ceremony with any special modifying words, and would never actually term them as 'a wedding odaj' or 'a wedding rantija', the traditional coloration and decoration of both is very particular.

A bride or groom's rantija will be either pure white or pure black, lacking the typical contrasting panel coloration of other rantija. Further, the hood of a bride or groom's rantija is almost always heavily embroidered with butterflies, with the most common other decoration being a symbol of the god that the bride or groom follows being somehow placed upon the back. All decorations on a rantija used for a traditional Rakash wedding will be done tone-on-tone to match the base fabric.

Similarly, a bride or groom's odaj will be made of either pure white or pure black fabric. However, the odaj is not typically decorated at all in the traditional Rakash wedding ceremony.

Rings and Things

Pre-migration, Rakash did not typically exchange rings or wear any other symbols that denoted them as married. The exception to this was the adding of items to their josta that reflected aspects of their relationship or reminded them of their spouse in some way, much as they often would for any other person or aspect of their existence that the particular Rakash found meaningful.

In modern times, more eastern-influenced Rakash do wear various wedding bands or other wedding-specific symbolic items that are prevalent in the areas in which they reside.


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