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New Fabrics for Hollow Eve · on 10/01/2015 05:17 PM CDT 486
westan wool:

Wool from sheep raised in Muspar'i and evolved to be comfortable in predominantly hot climates is twisted together with fine cotton to help make it breathable. Each strand is spun finer than a Human hair before they are woven together into a fabric that is surprisingly soft and cool.

shireli lace:

Cottony and extremely soft, the lace has a raised cording throughout the pattern that follows underneath the design. It has a very fine mesh or net that shows delicately in the otherwise empty spaces. The edges, often given an eyelash effect, are almost never a straight line and the motif is a distinct pattern of medallion flowers. Made by the Mountain Elves, the creation of this fabric is kept a secret.


A shuttle-woven fabric made from colored silk threads, this brocade uses tarnished black threads in the weft to give the low relief patterns woven into it a dark sheen as if night were falling across the cloth.


A multihued, homespun textile made from the individual threads of garments "rescued" from wyverns' victims. Noted for its wildly arrayed hues and unusual, subtly differing geometric and/or fractal patterns, which are impossible to recreate exactly making each bolt somewhat unique. Has an unmistakable odor of dampened wyvernfire, impossible to fake, and a somewhat singed appearance in low lighting. Due to the delicate nature of this fabric after it has been worked, people may charge extra to remake items using it or not feel comfortable doing it at all. Bolts of this fabric are much easier to work with as treasureweave is not as delicate at this stage.

~FGM Kaarina~
Wedding Lead

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