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A pilgrim's badge is an item used by Clerics and Paladins for improving their Devotion levels and Soul States.
Plain pilgrim's badges can be purchased at Brother Durantine's Shop in Crossing.

Lay-pilgrims (non-Cleric/Paladin characters) may also use the pilgrim's badge to record their visits to holy sites without mechanical benefit for them.

Usage and Syntax

  • STUDY BADGE: For syntax.
  • KISS BADGE <when held>: To bond the badge and make it yours. The first user to kiss the badge bonds it.
  • PUSH <ALTAR/STATUE/IMAGE/ETC> WITH BADGE <when held>: To add and record an altar or holy site to your badge.
  • EXAMINE BADGE <when held>: To list which altars you've visited on pilgrimage and added to your badge.
  • PUSH BADGE WITH OTHER BADGE <when holding both>: To combine the altars visited between badges that you own without the need to revisit them.
  • PRAY BADGE <when held>: To contemplate your holy pilgrimages.
The more shrines that have been registered with the badge, the greater the devotion or soul benefit that the badge confers.
Clerics will receive devotion from this action as a ritual on an eighty (80) minute timer.
Paladins can increase the purity of their soul state from this action on a thirty-one (31) minute timer.


ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Birch pilgrim's badge painted with a border of regal lion's mane irisesMerit Badges (1)Merit Badges (2)Merit Badges (3)true
Black amber pilgrim's badge carved in the shape of a howling wolfCrystal Pilgrim (1)Crystal Pilgrim (2)Crystal Pilgrim (3)true
Diamondwood pilgrim's badge with freeform orichalcum inlayAustere clerical supply bagHollow Eve Festival 417 Auctiontrue
Dusky smokewood pilgrim's badge edged with a heavy gold bezelCrystal Pilgrim (1)Crystal Pilgrim (2)Crystal Pilgrim (3)true
Ebony pilgrim's badge inlaid with a thirteen-pointed starMisenseor Goods (1)Misenseor Goods (2)Misenseor Goods (3)Misenseor Goods (4)Misenseor Goods (5)true
Flamewood pilgrim's badge carved to resemble a hatching phoenixCrystal Pilgrim (1)Crystal Pilgrim (2)Crystal Pilgrim (3)true
Item:Black amber pilgrim's badge carved in the shape of a howling wolfCrystal Pilgrim (1)true
Item:Dusky smokewood pilgrim's badge edged with a heavy gold bezelCrystal Pilgrim (1)true
Item:Ebony pilgrim's badge inlaid with a thirteen-pointed starMisenseor Goods (1)Misenseor Goods (2)Misenseor Goods (3)true
Item:Flamewood pilgrim's badge carved to resemble a hatching phoenixCrystal Pilgrim (1)true
... further results

Current Altars

There are at least 47 altars, listed below by province, that are currently attuned to pilgrim's badges. Forfedhdar does not yet have any altars that are attuned to the badges.

The noun of the badge-attuned item has been bolded in the room text.


The Crossing

From bank: southwest, go gate, north, go door
[Resurrection Creche, Li Stil rae Kwego ia Kweld]
Fragrant smoke drifts from censers to carry periodic ripples of sound from the rooms beyond, bringing the silvery chime of bells and rhythmic cadence of chant to rise and fall in the air like the heartbeat of the Temple itself. An ivory rug cloaks the floor, surrounding an altar of translucent obsidian swirled with fiery highlights. Stained-glass gaethzen orbs circle the altar with a misty nimbus of violet light shading to crimson and then to amber and gold -- the colors of dawn and of life renewed.
From bank: east, south, south, go shrine
[Tamsine's Rest]
A shady clump of sicle saplings cluster around a large, moss-encrusted fragment of pink coral. Carved into a hollow in the center of the coral landmark is a crude yet moving image of Tamsine, one of the patron goddesses of the town. Before the simple shrine is a low limestone bench, where the weary traveler might take some rest in the shade, leave offerings of flowers or food, and contemplate matters of the soul and spirit. You also see a flat rock and a low gate.
Marked on map near West Gate.
[Shrine of Ushnish]
In a dark, fetid alley, hard behind the Viper's Nest Inn, you happen upon a small shrine. Kicking away what appears to be rubbish from around it, you reveal a sculpted granite image of the serpent god Ushnish. Seeing that, you realize with a shudder that it is not rubbish you just pushed aside, but offerings of dead rats, uncured, fresh skins and other offal left by devotees of the viper-headed deity.
Marked on map near Trader's Guild.
[Shrine of Kertigen]
The shrine here consists of a small rock garden with several stone benches placed at odd angles for meditation. It is a cool and quiet respite that so delights you that you do not at first notice something most remarkable. The miniature landscapes of tiny mountains and dwarf trees are not of stone and twig, but are actually fashioned out of precious metals and minerals. You also see a jade statue.
Marked on map.
[Clerics' Guild, Chapel]
The roof of this small, quaint chapel reaches a steep peak above, its end eventually lost in the shadows. Candles help to lift the veil of darkness, their silent flames sustaining the tranquility that engulfs the snug chamber. A square altar, located against the western wall, is fitted in front of a window of multi-colored stained glass. Although its colors are dimmed by night, the images fitted into it are illuminated by the burning tapers, rendering them clear enough for viewing. You also see a stained glass window.
Go into the Wedding Chapel and look behind the topiary. Climb down the ladder to the Sundering Chapel.
[Beneath the Wedding Glade, Sundering Chapel]
Fresh dirt walls have been packed in crudely, a thin tunnel in the ceiling leading up to the wedding chapel above. The faint laughter of a joyous party is heard in the distance, muffled and given an eerie quality tinged with sorrow in this small hovel within the earth. A crude obsidian slab has been smoothed into a makeshift altar, littered with shattered crystal shards -- the remnants of former scission blades, and the only physical trace of the sundered wedding vows made by countless people before. You also see a ripped cotton tapestry and a tarnished brass ladder leading upward through the tunnel to the world above.
The central green block in the left diamond on the map.
[Ve Aevan Gaenan, The High Altar]
High above, the temple's great iris skylight ushers in the stars' cool illumination, bathing the large metallic altar in pale light. Drawn as if to a lodestone, soft glints of color from the domed Eyes far overhead lend their prismatic overtones to the clarity of starlight. Sweeping majestically upwards from this raised platform, the stairways and benches lining the massive chamber dwindle into deepest shadow as they climb to meet the vague outlines of archways arrayed in a surrounding ring far above.

Tiger Clan

In the church in Tiger Clan
[Tiger Clan Home, Old Church]
Some rows of wooden pews are set before a simple altar. A symbol carved in the shape of a dove rests on a dais, and a quiet peace fills the space in tribute to Albreda's blessing. Light filters through a high window with dust motes dancing in the tranquil beams. You also see Father Karjon who is sitting and a wobbly ladder.

Knife Clan

North end of Knife Clan
[Knife Clan, Shrine]
The dim light from a few flickering torches is not enough to cut through the gloom that pervades this cramped alcove. The cold stone walls seem to close in on all sides. Against the far wall leans a carved granite statue of a fierce weasel, its small size oddly out of place among the giant Gor'Togs that inhabit these caves.

Northeast Wilds

Bottom right of map.
[Handfaster's Glade, Shrine to Saemaus]
Soft-scented air fills the glade where patches of blooming tulips splash color against velvety grass tailor-made for bare feet. A lattice arch, covered with the pink blooms of jasmine honeysuckle, embraces and frames a small altar created from a living plant. Benches of polished wood invite couples to stop and bask in the beauty of the area and the warmth of heart's devotion.

Arthe Dale

Near swimming hole.
[Arthe Dale, Shrine]
A simple shrine has been erected in the niche of a large stony outcrop. Moonflower vines climb the column, twining their way around the opening, their brilliant white blossoms providing a festive border. A carved figure of Glythtide has been set inside the niche.

Kaerna Village

Outside Kaerna's North Gate through the shack as marked on the Map.
[Near Kaerna Village, A Dark Grove]
Around you grow trees in a circle so even and perfect they warrant suspicion. In the center of the grove is a deep pool, its surface smooth and glassy, undisturbed by the wind. Peering into it, it takes you a moment to realize that your face is not reflected in the pool and another to realize that neither are the trees. In fact, the only thing that can be seen are stars -- thousands and thousands of endless stars, some of which you know you have never seen in the sky above you. You also see a black obsidian altar with a rough obsidian bowl on it and a dirt path.
Near S'lai scouts hunting grounds outside Kaerna.
[Wildflower Meadow, Before the Gods]
ildflowers circle a leafy bush and a large, flat boulder, the surface of which is rounded due to years of exposure to the wind and rain. Lush grass blankets the ground like a living carpet that softens footfalls. A faint path heads toward the tree line to the north, while the field drops off elsewhere in the other directions.

Stone Clan

PRAY ALTAR to leave the area when finished.
[Lairocott Brach, Lairorung Solsteen]
The blank, dark grey walls are smooth and seamless, with one single doorway flowing out of the northeast wall. The light is dim, and the strong, warm presence of something otherworldly fills the chamber. A small altar rests against the west wall, looking as if it were shaped from the living stone.

Northern Trade Road

MEDITATE in the Silvery Pool until you are transformed into a fish and swim into the Crystal Cavern. (MEDITATE again to get out.)
[Crystal Cavern]
This tiny cavern inside the stone outcropping is alive with the sparkle of a thousand tiny crystals embedded into every facet of rock. The deep, cool waters of the hidden pool surround you, brushing against your skin and lapping at the base of a polished limestone statue of a dolphin emerging from the water. The pleasant echo of dripping water rolls through the cave. You also see some deeper water.
First room inside the Abbey proper.
[Misenseor Abbey, High Altar Chamber]
Wavering light produced by several glowing braziers offers enough illumination to make out discernible shapes. A series of thirteen stone columns thrusts up from the black marble floor, the tops lost in the inky darkness high above. Arrayed in a sweeping arc, these great columns stand like a ring of guardians, bringing focus to the high altar that rests upon a raised dais. As if tended by unseen servants, this place of power has remained in pristine condition despite the passage of time. You also see an ironbound door.

Southern Trade Route

Top left of map, before the green block
[An Ancient Tree]
Silvery beams of moonlight stream through irregular stained-glass windows, illuminating the intricate carvings which adorn the walls and dome of this cylindrical living chapel. A single, ornately engraved column grows from the center of the room and rises to meet the delicate arched ceiling. You also see a fragile-looking book on a simple stand and a circular staircase.
Blood nyads and blood dryads populate this room and can engage you in combat.
[Forest of Night, Blackfruit Tree]
The grass of the path ends abruptly as a large swatch of circular bare dirt interrupts the path. At the center of the clearing, a large blackfruit tree grows and before it rests a small altar. A smoking censer releases a heavy perfume into the thick and heavy night air, attracting insects who announce their presence with dischordant buzzing and pricking bites.

Leth Deriel

[Kilth Aldiyaus, Prayer Branch]
Vaulted beams are carved into the grain of the wooden walls. Echoes of mumbled prayers and heartfelt supplications are amplified by the room's curvature. In the reverberating din, the names of all the deities mingle, then merge as one. A polished Sana'ati wood altar is surrounded by hooded figures kneeling on the bare floor.

Ilaya Taipa

Once inside the chapel, CLIMB staircase.
[Ilaya Taipa Chapel, Inner Sanctum]
Blue-green stairs shimmer like ice as they curve around the outer perimeter of the room. Something, either magic or mechanical, causes water to flow continuously down the outside of the sanctum's glass walls, flooding the interior with wavering moonlight. Concentric rows of benches angle down toward the central altar, a simple piece of polished grey driftwood decorated with scattered water lilies.



From the Temple gate go E, N, NW, go path.
[Temple, Shrine]
Strong marble columns stand at the four corners of the shrine supporting an intricate latticework roof covered in flowering vines. A simple marble altar stands at the far end of the shrine before a brilliant tapestry in black and gold. The ground is strewn with fresh rose petals which give off a sweet perfume as you walk. You also see an ash and plaster gazebo that is set off to one side of the garden.
From the Temple gate go NW, go trail, go curtain.
[Temple, Dark Shrine]
A faint whiff of corruption rises from piles of old rotting leaves covering the ground you stand on. The spreading foliage overhead casts deep shadows over the area, and you glance warily into the darkened recesses trying to find some source for the unease you feel. Towering thorn hedges all about you seem to creep closer as you watch. You also see a worm-eaten wooden statue standing astride a dark opening into the ground.


The green room marked hole on the map. The sliver is in the hole.
[Zaulfung, Thicket Clearing]
The brittle fingers of greyed and dying brush reach toward you imploringly from all sides. A ring of broken and yellow bones forms a formidable barrier around a gaping hole in the earth. A faint rustling interspersed with long periods of silence warns you of foreign eyes watching, and waiting.
In the gaping hole you see a small sliver of black marble.
Climb the beak on the map.
[Kweld Gelvdael, Vulture's Maw]
Grotesque depictions of horrific beasts are etched over the dark stone walls like cobwebs, each unique and intricate in its own right. The entrance to this dark grotto gapes open, carved by the hands of the ancients to pay homage to Aldauth's vulture. Beyond the edge of the massive beak structure you perch upon, the rancid swamp stretches out below. You also see a rough basalt vulture's tongue.
Marked on the top-right corner of the map. Unless you have a good guide, do not attempt to go here unless you have at least 100 each in climbing and swimming and can handle Maelshyve's servants (Maelshyvean cinder beasts, Maelshyvean shadow beasts, and Maelshyvean hierophants).
[Maelshyve's Fortress, Fallen Altar]
The stacked skull totems form a ring around the edge of the great dais, their feeble collective glow struggling to fight the shadows encroaching upon this corrupt shrine. A large altar of black marble stands prominently near the northern edge of the dais, its broad flat surface reflecting the sickly glow with a lustrous sheen. Behind the altar a black marble statue stands, framing the altar with its massive wingspan. You also see an obsidian scorpion.

Rossman's Landing

The church is marked on the map.
[Rossman's Landing, Church]
A stained glass window fills the eastern wall, situated to catch the rising sun. Beneath it, the altar is covered by a grass-green velvet cloth embroidered with images of cows and grain to honor the goddess Berengaria. Sheaves of wheat bound with ribbons decorate the walls of this simple village church.

North Road

Marked on the map directly below El'Bain's Stop.
[Forest, Path's End]
The trees round out the path, ending it with a thick stand of tender maple, spinebrush, and aspen. Bowing silently in homage to the small altar set up at the spot where the path terminates, the trees nod in a gentle breeze, reaffirming their faith to the entity that guards and protects them from harm.
At the very southern end of the Kelpie and Wood Troll, hunting area SEARCH for the trail. You will need ~35 percepion.
[Dark Thicket, Shrouded Clearing]
The trees form a horseshoe around the dark green clearing, the heavy foliage from the various oaks and ash that grow abundantly here weaving a tangled canopy which blocks light with the completeness of death. Pushed up against the very center of the "shoe" is a magnificent statue of a proud-faced woman holding a basin in her hands. A faint forest trail leads off from where the grove opens up, slicing neatly through a second growth of trees before vanishing into the woods.
At the very northern end of the Dark Spirit hunting area.
[Ker'Leor, Zindalyi Lyba]
A rough chunk of stone rises from the floor as though it grew from the mountains themselves. Closer inspection reveals careful chiseling and subtle carving to create a flat-topped altar. This part of the tunnel is hushed, the stone floor clean, the walls spotless, but thrums with power. Someone -- or something -- keeps the altar in good repair. Small bits of bone and feathers are arranged behind the altar, holding meaning known only to those who laid them there.


The central room of the Chapel on the southeast side of Therenborough.
[Therenborough Chapel, Interior]
The city's tiny chapel is a simple square room furnished with polished oak pews facing a raised altar. The small stained-glass window over the entry door sparkles with candle light and casts a subdued light upon the altar, causing the embroidery on the altar cloth to glow with a silky bluish tint. A single brass candlestick rests in the middle of the cloth. You also see a marble bier with a brilliantly polished suit of full plate armor engraved with the seal of Therengia on it, a curtained opening, and a small birch door.
From the Keep doors go N, E, go passage, climb stair, S, S, E
[Theren Keep, Chapel]
Sunlight is welcomed into the Chapel of Chadatru by the rainbow colors of a stained glass window set in the eastern wall. A richly embroidered tapestry serves as a backdrop to a polished ash altar carved with the image of a golden lion upon its surface. Simple oak benches have been placed here so the devout can come and observe the first rays of dawn blaze into existence across the face of the window, casting its fiery light across the altar of the god of justice. You also see a marble archway, a blue silk curtain and a fragile-looking book on a small stand.


The Temple is marked on the map, once inside keep heading Northwest.
[Temple of Hav'roth, Altar of Hav'roth]
Sacred icons and ancient gold triptychs adorn the polished sandalwood shelves behind the ruby and gold altar of Hav'roth. Smoky strands of pungent incense drift out of censers placed around the altar to hang lazily in mid-air. Lofty tracery windows climb up the wall behind the iconic stands to the base of the semidome above, letting light flood across the altar.
Near the northern most part of the city, marked on the map.
[Muspar'i, Golden Heights]
Several twisting passages meet in a labyrinthine tangle at the crest of the hill, where a steep cliff drops away into empty darkness, prohibiting further progress to the south. Mournful gusts of wind sweep showers of fine sand across the crumbling remains of buildings lying shrouded in shadows. One ancient stone construct, alone maintaining some semblance of its former glory, stands apart at the edge of the precipice.


The Gash

A green room marked altar directly above the word snowbeast on the map. This is a non-combat safe room.
[The Gash, Small Copse]
Strangely, the ravages of day and night, which affect the other parts of The Gash, do not invade this secluded sanctuary. A sense of calm pervades this peaceful thicket. You also see a small stone altar with a small statue on it.

The Road to Shard

Past the bridge over the Jademist river, look under rock, go stairs, west, search mural, go arch. The arch to get out is behind the tapestries.
[Shrine to the Dragon, Central Chamber]
This chamber is carved directly into the stone of the caverns. The walls are a dark green jade, encircling a stained altar that rests in the very center. Statues, shattered and smashed by time and angry mortal hands alike, stand forever frozen in broken dances. Elegant brass sconces still flicker with mystic lights, dim but bright enough to illuminate the area. You also see a stained jade altar, some twisted stone stairs, and some tattered silk tapestries.
The green room marked altar in the middle of the crag, moth, and larva hunting grounds. This is a non-combat safe room.
[Darkmist Moor, Secluded Shrine]
Shrouded in dark purple mist, a tall ebony altar rises from the overgrown grass. A collection of hideous gargoyles stands sentry in a macabre circle around the shrine, sneering inward at the scarred monolith.


[Temple of Light, Alcove of Eylhaar]
Dark grey walls enclose a somber chamber dominated by an ebony dais in the center of the room. Censers in the four corners fill the air with the aroma of sandalwood. Worshipper
[Temple of Darkness, Aldauth's Alcove]
Larger than the other alcoves in deference to the god of dark endings, most of the space is wasted since the only permanent fixture is a small black altar in the center of the rectangular room. The air is neither hot nor cold, and there is no discernable fragrance. Stripped down to the bare black marble floor, walls and altar, this is a quiet statement of just what we take with us when Aldauth pays his final visit.

Steelclaw Clan

The chapel is marked on the map.
[Steelclaw Clan, Chapel]
Leaded glass windows fill the eastern wall, allowing the first light of day to illuminate the intricate mosaic that covers the chapel floor from wall to wall. At each of the other three cardinal points an altar stands - the southern one formed of living wood, the northern of a roughly hewn slab of basalt and the western carved from bone. Dozens of candles, guttering nubs and brightly burning pillars, adorn each altar yet the surfaces and facings are clean, without wax drip or scorch mark.

Gilen Otso Steppes

The altar is a few rooms before the gate to Horse Clan, marked on the map.
[Gilen Otso Steppes, Prairie Grove]
A gentle breeze whispers through this small space, lightly ruffling the tendrils of the thick emerald green moss that covers the ground like a rich velvet cloak. The canopy of leaves close in protectively above, allowing only a small patch of night sky to be visible. Emerging from the shadows, a masterfully carved totem in the image of an antelope guards a fine-grained ash altar from any peril the darkness may bring.



North of the Green.
[A Pine Thicket]
The scent of pine resin and decaying wood permeates this dark stand of trees. The sky is completely blocked from view by the overhanging boughs, and the air is still and suffocating. There is a sense of being watched, by something. You also see a cold metal altar.
Central eastern portion of the Third Tier, Go arch twice to reach the altar.
[Temple of Hodierna, Holy Sanctuary]
The main part of the temple is dedicated to the goddess herself. Entering through the arch, the first thing your eyes rest upon is the wall directly opposite the entrance. An awe-inspiring mural of Hodierna, made out of thousands of tiny colored tiles, covers the entire length of the sanctuary. Each tile is carefully placed, detailing the goddess' features, giving her an almost life-like appearance. The altar is made of a pure white marble and polished to a lustrous shine. You also see a carved ivory arch.
Central eastern portion of the Third Tier, Climb steps, Go building.
[Phelim's Temple, Planetarium]
The domed roof of Phelim's temple is open to the night sky with a large telescope pointed towards the heavens. You also see a cage of nightingales, a doorway, a black marble altar, and a shimmering moongate.
From the Green, North, Northeast, Go doorway, Go archway.
[Urrem'tier's Temple, Dark Alcove]
Snickering noises echo in the alcove, or maybe it is the unknown breeze that chills the air even colder here than in the outer room. Shadows dance on the walls yet there is no light source visible to cause them. A larger than life onyx scorpion statue stands menacingly in the middle of the room.
In the central eastern part of the Third Tier, in the same area for training Charisma.
[Faenella's Temple, Sanctum]
Smooth, dark wooden walls curve around this tall narrow room. The only window is a skylight above a pale statue of Faenella, sculpted kneeling before a basin of water placed in the center of the space. One half of the room is strung with golden wires that run from the floor to the ceiling, and sound in the chamber vibrates them to a pleasing tone.
Central western portion of the Third Tier. Go door, Go cave.
[Everild's Temple, Inside the Cave]
The small cave provides a rustic setting for the boar statue, which is made of cold bronze. Although poised as if sleeping, its body is tense and a single open eye appears to watch every movement. You also see a rough stone altar.
From the sewer entrance, Southwest, West, West, Northwest.
[Damaris' Temple, Altar Hall]
A long narrow hall focuses attention on an altar at the western end. The only ornament is the floor, an image of an elongated panther created from black marble floor tiles set against white shimmering stone. The paws of the panther embrace the altar, and its tail curves around to the door leading outside the temple.
On the third tier just Southeast of the sewer entrance.
[Glythtide's Shrine]
The shrine room is shaped like a burrow, all corners rounded and smooth. Mown grasses and meadowsweet stems cover the floor in a fragrant strewing, but the main focus of the shrine remains the statue honoring the god Glythtide. You also see a wall hanging.
From the sewer entrance, Southwest, Southeast, East, Go courtyard.
[Chadatru's Temple, Forecourt]
A row of columns frames the tall, broad temple building that rises ahead. Hundreds of burning candles rest on the low courtyard walls, illuminating this small forecourt and brightening the white pebbles underfoot. A fountain above the altar on the western wall spills fresh water over its surface, keeping the altar glistening softly in the candle light. You also see the temple entrance.
Located in the Southwestern most portion of the Third Tier.
[Kertigen's Temple, Apse]
Although there are no pews for worshippers to rest on, here at the front of the temple are several long wooden benches. A curved railing shaped much like the bow of a ship encloses the altar, protecting and framing it splendidly. You also see a doorway.

Aesry Surlaenis'a

Board a currach at any of 3 docks marked on the map of Aesry. UNTIE Currach, then ROW ROCK until you get close to the rock (close enough to touch it), TIE CURRACH TO ROCK, Go Rock. Head up to the temple to the southern most room of the temple.

NOTE: Free Accounts CANNOT board the currachs as they are flagged as "player-owned boats".

[Halasa Temple]
This enclosed chamber is a safe harbor, sturdily protected from the wind and weather, unlike the lower levels of the temple. A small arching window to the south looks out over Cha'walkas, its shape a miniature replica of the pointed arches of the walls and ceiling. An altar placed in the center of the room is unadorned but for a low dish of incense that burns with a faint pleasant scent. You also see a nautilus stairway.
Follow the above direction to get to the temple. This image is in the south room on the lower floor.
[Halasa Temple, South Porch]
The black polished floor reflects the image of a large, azurite carving of a dolphin as it emerges upwards from the surface of the stone. Tendrils and wisps of cloudy mist cling to the columns and swirl through the temple and finally drift southwards out over the waves to blanket the surface of the lake. You also see a nautilus stairway.
Follow the above direction to get to the temple. This image is in the north room on the lower floor. Head up and RING the bell to get back to Aesry.
[Halasa Temple, North Porch]
The floor of the temple's northern wing is inlaid with a magnificent albatross -- shells, pebbles and smooth pieces of glass form the shape, feathers and details of Lemicus in her symbolic form. As the open sea air gusts through the temple and fingers of mist twine about the columns, one can imagine flying aloft with the great bird among the clouds. You also see a nautilus stairway.
SEARCH for the opening to get in, be prepared to cast Divine Radiance, use the Glyph of Light, or bring a light source. The altar is marked on the map.
[Shrine of Drogor]
The top of the pile of rubble is just out of reach of the ceiling of the chamber, where the image of a ferocious shark is clear on a barren circle of stone. Small bones litter the top of the rubble pile, and offerings lie scattered about the loose stone. You also see a crude altar of rock slabs.


One east from the guildhall entrance.
[Cleric's Guild, Chapel]
Tall windows high on the north and south walls allow plenty of light into the chapel. A plainly carved altar sits under two beautiful stained-glass windows in the east wall. Thick red carpets hug the walls, leaving the center of the stone floor bare. Each corner holds two floor-standing braziers for the ritual burning of sacred writings.

Former Altars

Some altars have been destroyed since the release of Pilgrim Badges and are no longer available but were in the past.

  • The shrine of Urrem'tier, where the void brushes the Plane of Abiding.
Area of the old Resurrection quest.
  • The ruins of The Crossing's High Temple.
A tent was located on the ruins of the original temple, which the Gorbesh destroyed. Adventuers could get favors there before construction of the new temple was completed.

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