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Clerics have access to a plethora of rituals they can perform to please -- or appease -- the gods. Rituals primarily sustain Devotion in order to power the Communes. This is the standard message for a successfully completed ritual, regardless of any devotion gain:

You sense that you are as pure of spirit as you can be, and you are ready for whatever rituals might face you.

Non-aligned rituals

The vast majority of the rituals fall under this category. They aren't all necessarily 'neutral' rituals, but they display the devotion gain message of neutral rituals:

You feel that your gods have smiled upon you for your attempts to please them.

Most of these non-aligned rituals have a ten (10) minute timer for devotion gain.

Consecrated ground

These rituals can be performed on consecrated ground; either in a church, chapel or other holy place or in a room blessed with Meraud's commune. Some can also be performed using a devotional prayer mat in unconsecrated rooms.

Acts of humility

One who shows their humble desire to please the gods may learn that kneeling and praising the statue of a god of good standing will cause them to achieve some minor attention of the gods.

  • In a room with a holy object such as an altar, statue, or prayer mat, kneel and kiss the object.
  • KISS <OBJECT> (while kneeling)
Offerings of sacred wine

Offering the wine of the gods unto them by pouring it unto their altar can bring about their pleasure.

Note: You may also cast bless on wine from taverns, bars and other non-sanctified sources to sanctify it for purposes of ritual use.[1]
  • POUR WINE ON <ALTAR/MAT/RUG> (sans altar a devotional prayer mat or rug is required)

The gods are delighted by the dancing and recitation of their priests, and may grant their grace to those who do honor them in such ways.

  • RECITE a poem of sufficient length that mentions the neutral gods or other keywords such as praise, blessing(s), love or unity.
Songs of Devotion

Any song type will grant at least a small (static) amount of devotion. Songs played in off-key and halting moods do not grant devotion.

Depending on the difficulty of your instrument you can expect to begin gaining devotion between 30 and 40 ranks Performance skill.

  • Wedding and hymns grant a nice devotional boost at 100+ performance skill ranks.
  • Psalms and dirges grant a nicer devotional boost.
  • Requiems have a (relatively) really nice devotional boost.

There is no timer on devotional gain for playing devotional songs. (Does not appear to be correct as of 5/20/2022)

Menial humility

Cleaning the altars of the gods can bring a kind smile from those who watch over the altars. Of course, one cannot use just any water to wash these altars, for to otherwise is sacrilege unto the sacred and profane!

Neutral and dark Immortal aligned altars get dirty over time and must be cleaned before use in rituals. Clerics can clean both dirty and clean altars for devotion. Non-Clerics may also clean altars, provided they have holy water.

Waving lit incense at a holy object. There is an associated dark-aligned ritual that requires specially prepared incense (see below).

See flints for information regarding lighting fires with flint.
Offering of destroyed undead

Offering the skin, hide, or pelt of an undead or cursed beast will grant a small amount of devotion. The beast must have been a challenge to your own skills. Note that not all skin types are currently supported.

Last rites

Must be performed on consecrated ground. Skinning or looting the creature before doing this will prevent this from working. Does not work on undead or cursed creatures.



These rituals may be done anywhere, but may still require certain objects, personal or otherwise, to perform.

Visitation of shrine

Visitation of shrines is recommended, if for no other reason than to become acquainted with those whom you serve. Use a pilgrim's badge to record your pilgrimage.

  • You must first KISS the badge to align it to yourself. Once aligned, you may begin your pilgrimage.
  • When visiting supported shrines and other holy places, you must align your badge with the shrine by PUSHing it to the badge.
  • Once your badge is aligned with one or more shrines, you may reflect upon your pilgrimage by PRAYing on your badge.
  • PUSH <holy object> WITH MY BADGE

Praying on a pilgrim's badge has an eighty (80) minute timer for devotion gain.

Release from greed

Tithing in almsboxes is encouraged. Greater tithes yield greater improvements in Soul State for Paladins and Devotion for Clerics.


Tithing has a ten (10) minute timer for devotion gain.

Releasing the undead
  • Killing undead creatures that challenge you will randomly grant a small amount of devotion[2].
If successful, you'll receive the messaging:
A warm feeling of serenity and approval washes over you, and you sense that the Immortals are pleased with your efforts to eradicate the accursed legions from Elanthia.
Planting of sirese

Sirese is the flower of the Cleric. Do all that you can to ensure its spread.

  • You must first gather a sirese seed. You can generally find them in a room with sirese in the room description (there is a list of rooms on the sirese seed page). It may take a few tries before you succeed in getting a seed. After you've obtained your seed, you'll need to carry it to a suitable location for planting. Suitable locations are widely varied, you only need to consider finding a place that appears good for growing things (examples: gardens, woodlands, grassy areas, etc). Once you find a likely spot, simply plant the seed and encourage it to grow by sprinkling holy water on it.

Planting Sirese has an eighty (80) minute timer for devotion gain.

The holy bath

Chamomile, sage, or lavender can be rubbed into the skin while inside a devotional bath. Only two of the three herbs listed are required per session.

  • Enter the bath and RUB <herb #1>, RUB <herb #2> and wait.
  • Locations include:
  • You will receive one of several Holy Bath Visions at the culmination of the ritual, chosen randomly from a pool of possible visions.
  • Note that the Crossing Temple bathing pool is unavailable during the winter months. During the warmer months, the pool needs to be refilled periodically. There are pots that can be filled with water from the nearby stream (FILL POT WITH STREAM). The water must then be blessed (CAST WATER IN POT) and poured into the bath (POUR POT INTO BATH). Filling the bath will also grant a small amount of devotion.
  • Note that the Halasa Temple on Tethloren Island in Aesry requires renting currachs which are not accessible to Free accounts characters.

Preaching on the greatness of our gods can bring about much favor and grace.

Known keywords: All eastern gods, Triquetra, Great Pack, World Dragon.
  • INVOKEing prayer parchments in front of other people.
Breaking bread

The Anlas of Hodierna's Blessing is celebrated by breaking the bread of life.

Local rituals


Empaths gain a bonus to maximum attunement when listening to a Cleric preach from this book.


Reading or Preaching the Holy Book of Chadatru in Theren Keep.

  • READ BOOK: To read the book silently to yourself.
  • PREACH BOOK: To read the book aloud.
A Paladin's soul state can be improved by listening to a Cleric preach the Book of Chadatru in it's entirety.





  • Offering fish and gems in the sand after digging a hole at the cove.
  • Touching the correct Stone of the Cloud at an equinox or solstice (Days 100, 200, 300 and 0).
    Note: The Stone of the Cloud ritual is not like other rituals and may not trigger if your devotion is too high. It appears the cap may be around devotion level of "After a moment, you sense that your god is pleased with your devotion."
    Note: The first stone requires you to KNEEL and KISS it. The second, third, and fourth stones require you to TOUCH them.
    Note: The Stones of the Cloud ritual has potentially the largest devotion award.[3] Testing indicates the ritual was able to fill a cleric's devotion pool from level 8 to 14.
  • Kissing the shark in Halasa Temple.
  • Kissing the unicorn in [Aesry Surlaenis'a, Shoan Isenil'a] (the courtyard before you get to the auto-empath).


  • Making a donation to the Sailors' Widows and Orphans Relief Fund in the brook of the Carillon park.
Syntax: PUT # silver/gold/platinum lirums in brook.


Aligned rituals


Prayer unto our deities is, of course, always smiled upon!

  • PRAYing to a god. Devotion messaging reflects the god's alignment.

Prayer beads

This is a unique ritual that can be of any alignment, depending on the bead used.
Put the bead on a prayer bead chain.
MEDITATE CHAIN (must be done in a holy room)

Anloral pins sold by Soulful Trinkets

  • CLEANing the pins crafted from this holy stone when they acquire a layer of dust will grant devotion when aligned to the god the pin represents.
Anloral pins get dirty in one (1) real life day.
These pins will bond to the owner when cleaned.
If you are not worthy, it will crumble.
The last favor you gained must be the Immortal represented on the pin. Cleaning a pin that doesn't match your last favor will cause the pin to crumble.
If the pin is bonded to someone else, it will crumble when cleaned.

Cleaning an anloral pin has a sixty (60) minute ingame timer for devotional gain.

Light rituals

The devotion gain message for light rituals:

You feel that the light gods have cast their benevolent gaze favorably upon you at your attempts to please them.

Eylhaar pearl ritual

Cleanse the Zaulfung pearls at the Jackal's Maw. (Note: Must be a pearl you have obtained and uncursed yourself. Any other pearl will break in the maw)

  1. Acquire an ebon jackal's heart pearl from the giant skeletal claws in Zaulfung.
  2. Uncurse the pearl.
  3. Take the pearl to Jackal's Maw to cleanse it.
  4. Take the cleansed pearl to Jackal's Spirit.
  5. RUB pearl to enter the spiritual plane.
  6. Follow the path to Jackal's Rest.
  7. PUT pearl in the monument.

Dark rituals

The devotion gain message for dark rituals:

You feel that the dark gods have cracked a bleak smile of good favor at your attempts to please them.

Pleasing Drogor

The god of storms loves to receive gifts in his caves.

  • Offering items to Drogor in the Aesry Sea Caves.

Aldauth sacrifice ritual

Kweld Gelvdael holds the secrets of Aldauth.

  1. STUDY the basalt slab in Kweld Gelvdael until memorized.
  2. Go to Vulture's Maw.
  3. KNEEL and PRAY to Aldauth.

Offering of Blood

While at a dark aligned altar, OFFER blood on altar.

Must have a bleeding wound on either hand or arm. Like most Dark-aligned rituals, there may be some danger involved. Use caution.

Example Messaging:

!> offer blood on iron altar

You hold your right arm out over a heavily carved altar of black ironwood, as blood trickles down toward your fingertips.

A woozy feeling washes over you as blood pours from your right arm before hissing and popping on the altar.

Wisps of foul smoke rise up from where droplets of blood land they seem to reach up and grasp at the fresh blood as it descends.

Droplets of blood sizzle as they land on the altar. A tingling sensation spreads through your right arm as the wound opens farther, the stream of vital fluid feeling drawn out.

Blood drips down and congeals into steaming lumps on the altar. Tiny eruptions from the charred cruor spit and crackle where they land. A tingling sensation spreads through your right arm as the wound opens farther, the stream of vital fluid feeling drawn out.

You feel the tugging at your wounds subside.

You sense that you are as pure of spirit as you can be, and you are ready for whatever rituals might face you.

You feel that the dark gods have cracked a bleak smile of good favor at your attempts to please them.

Offering of stolen items

  1. SPRINKLE the item with Holy water.
  2. Put the item on a dark aspect aligned altar.
  3. Offer the item on the altar.

Example of messaging when performing the ritual:

You reverently place an envelope on the ebony altar.

A bolt of jagged black lightning strikes down from the sky instantly incinerating an envelope. Burning hot material explodes outward from an ebony altar leaving a tangled web of smoking trails in its wake. One of the conflagrant bits slams into your right hand.

You sense that you are as pure of spirit as you can be, and you are ready for whatever rituals might face you.

You feel that the dark gods have cracked a bleak smile of good favor at your attempts to please them.

Dark-aligned Incense

Dark-aligned version of neutral ritual. Requires the use of a specially prepared piece of incense. The award for the dark version is a bit higher.

To prepare dark incense, you'll need exterior bleeding wounds on at least one hand. During the Offering of Blood ritual, the incense must be held in the bleeding hand.[4]


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