House of the Revenant Fang

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First Email

Coming soon: The House of the Revenant Fang! Centuries ago, the Elothean Houses of the Marching Lotus and the Black Fang were wiped out in the Elven-Human War. While the scant Marching Lotus survivors were subsequently assimilated into other Houses, Black Fang was written off as obliterated. Contrary to the published history, a handful of remaining Black Fang warriors were surreptitiously ‘recruited’ into the ranks of the Melyo Rensh'a, leader of the fabled House of the All-Seeing Eye and clandestine fourth counselor to the Ferdahl.

Unfortunately, this integration soured over time, and political tensions within the ranks of the Melyo Rensh’a hit a divisive tipping point when a steadfast adherence to secrecy contributed to the murder of Ferdahl Kukalakai and the occupation of Shard by the Outcast army. An embittered traitor finally emerged, and the Melyo Rensh’a was assassinated by one of his own five generals, Ilva the Shrike of Dergati, who then launched a coup to revive the vengeful and warmongering House of the Black Fang from which she descended.

Supplementing her numbers with vicious lowlifes culled from Undershard, Iilva has established a growing encampment east of Shard in Boleausun Bayou, while the outnumbered Melyo Rensh’a loyalists have fallen back to their last defensible point, a hidden flying garden known as Ashala'taman, and begun earnestly recruiting the help of brave adventurers.

Will the Melyo Rensh'a loyalists triumph?

  • If so, who will rise to become the new Melyo Rensh'a, and how will the publicity of these events affect the formerly clandestine nature of the office?

Will the murderess Ilva be brought to justice?

  • Or will the Black Fang defectors prevail, re-adding their fallen House to Ilithi and its political landscape?

Join your fellow adventurers as the story unfolds, beginning May 19th!

Second Email

Join the effort to quell the Black Fang coup!

~ May 19th until May 29th ~

Soar to mystical heights in the gardens of Ashala'taman!

Plunge headlong into dark and dangerous depths of Boleausun Bayou!


With origins shrouded in secrecy, the Elothean watchtower known as Ashala'taman soars unseen over eastern Ilithi. From this lofty perch, a clandestine war is being waged on the Black Fang defectors who threaten the order of the Ferdahl's demesne!

Join the fight, and plunge into the dark depths of Boleausun Bayou, where adventure, danger, and riches abound! Sharpen your swords and your wits as the battle rages from May 19th until May 29th!

Are you up to the task?

Help the keepers of Ashala'tam collect colorful supplies from the maze-like gardens, then head down into the bayou where a variety of missions await the brave of heart. Collect enemy intel, disarm traps, recover supplies, and more, but don't forget to watch out for the morgawr!

What can you do with the merits you earn?


  • You could own your very own katana! There will be a limited number available.



  • Tenebrous Sense
  • Shadows
  • Icutu Zaharenela
  • Tezirah's Veil
  • Beckon the Naga


  • Winged boots
  • High-capacity waist-worn cambrinth
  • Resplendent Rings of Glory
  • Unique titles!
  • Item hiders!


Get your summons and join the effort to quell the Black Fang coup!

Third Email

Did you hear that?

The cries of slain adventurers echo through the swamps as the Morgawr claims another victim!

More heroes are needed! And so greater rewards must be supplied!

You asked for it and your feedback has been received! New items! Optional faster ways to earn merits! ...and did we mention new items?

Now available in the Simucoin Store: MULTIPLIERS! Use this before your run and increase your earnings!

  • Earn those merits faster!
  • 3x, 5x, and even 10x the payout!

Don't like helping with the dye? Well that's ok, we have a NEW TASK!

  • Help the scribe attune his scrying crystal, gaining intel on the movements of the Black Fang so that they can be crushed for good! Simply redeem your pass with the shadowy agent and then ask him about treasure. The new task is located to the northeast in the Shadowy Safehouse!

What can you do with the merits you earn?


... and that's just a few of the newly added materials!


  • Shroud of Invisibility! Invisibility cloaks are back!
  • Stun hiders! Ankle worn!
  • New mana and concentration pulsers! Thigh worn and wrist worn!
  • A gnarled bogbirch branch! An old favorite, this branch casts Mental Focus!

Get your summons and join the effort to quell the Black Fang coup!


Q: What is the House of the Revenant Fang?
A: It’s a SimuCoin event which takes place in Shard.

Q: Is the quest empath-friendly?
A: Yep! Participating in combat is not required to complete the quest or earn incidental loot.

Q: Is there a minimal skill/level requirement?
A: No, most enemies flex, but it's still recommended that you have at at least around 100 ranks in the relevant skills to participate in combat. You may also find that scholarship, outdoorsmanship, athletics, perception, and stealth skills can help you complete your tasks more quickly.

Q: How do I get incidental loot?
A: Incidental loot is available in the second quest area, Boleausun Bayou. There, any action that counts as progress towards your assigned task has a chance to spawn incidental loot.

Q: Can I leave the quest area (for banking, healing, or whatnot) and then come back?
A: No, you can abandon a quest run by asking a taskmaster NPC about quitting, but you forfeit any unearned prize credits for that run.

Q: What happens if I die while running the quest?
A: When you depart, you’ll be returned to the starting point for the quest task you were working on.

Q: What is the morgawr?
A: The morgawr is an enormous blind monster that swims around the eastern section of the bayou searching for prey. If encountered, it’s best to HIDE until it passes or flee towards land. If you stay out in the open too long or try to swim away into adjacent waters, you may just become morgawr food!


On arrival, you can find Grim Tailor Kilgamant and ASK Kilgamant about task. This will start off a set of tasks that lead you throughout the area.

Dye Task

This is the initial task that you will get from Kilgamant, and must be completed in order to get transport to the ground from the floating gardens. When asked about tasks:

Kilgamant straightens his lapels and clears his throat. "The House of the Black Fang is entrenched down in Boleausun Bayou and quickly expanding its operations. We're doing our best to keep pace, but we're running low on the aetheric dye we use for our missives, so before we send you to the front lines we need you to pitch in here."
He hands you a string of apothecary jars and a botany guidebook. "Head outside and use these jars to COLLECT color extract from around the rotating gardens. During this process, it may be useful to ASSESS AREA with the guidebook to identify proper sources. The collected extract can then be returned here to the aetheric distillery to create dyes. To complete your task, you need to create <three dyes, randomized each turn>. The dye recipes are engraved on the distillery and printed in the guidebook for reference.
"Alright, off you go," he concludes. "If you forget what you're meant to do, you can STUDY the jars for a reminder."

To complete this task, GO ARCH and you will find yourself in the rotating gardens. As the gardens rotate, the possible colors in each room can change. Once you find and collect the colors you need for the dyes on your TASK, return to the room with Kilgamant by getting to the very center of the gardens (room number 13 on the map) and GO MONOLITH.
To assemble your 3 dyes, TURN the distillery to the color you need and then PUSH DISTILLERY WITH JAR. You can STUDY DISTILLERY for complete directions.
It should be noted that if you collect more dye colors than are required for your task, you will receive a lower amount of Revenant Fang merits as a reward.
On completion, you will be sent back to the starting room (climb stairs then UP from Kilgamant) where you can ASK AVERIX ABOUT TRANSPORT.

Once on the ground, find Avenger Jirikana and once again ask about task. You will have a randomized choice of 2 from the following:

Supplies Task

When initially asked about tasks:

Jirikana strokes the chin of her acenite mask. "At the moment, we could use assistance intercepting enemy supply drops. To track one down, you'll have search for clues inside the Black Fang encampment, focusing on the building interiors."

When chosen as your task:

Jirikana nods. "We're counting on you. Head due north to the Black Fang encampment and SEARCH inside the supply tent for useful intel about the next supply cache drop. Once you find something interesting, STUDY it for clues on how to track down the cache. Oh, and you'll probably find it helpful to keep a low profile. Good luck."
[You can check the status of your mission at any time with the TASK verb.]

Find the supply tent in the SW part of the Black Fang encampment. There are multiple rooms in and in the area around the tent that can be SEARCHed until you find your item:

You rummage around the area and find a tattered parchment cryptogram!

READ the cryptogram to see your encoded phrase, STUDY the cryptogram for directions on the syntax puzzle. This puzzle is solved similar to the real life "wheel of fortune" television show puzzles.

On completion, return to Jirikana, SHOW her the cryptogram, and she will send you out to locate a supply cache. SEARCH the item on your cryptogram (ie. search root) and you'll receive a box with coin and potential incidental loot.

Traps Task

When initially asked about tasks:

"We could also use assistance weakening the enemy's perimeter defenses. If you disarm some of the traps scattered around the open bayou, it would help our patrols. Enemy scouts are also believed to arrange dropoffs in the area, so useful supplies may turn up in the search for traps."

When chosen as your task:

Jirikana nods. "We're counting on you. Head due east into the open bayou and SEARCH for traps to disarm. The traps are unlikely to be present in deep water, so focus your search on barrier islands and other patches of land. Once you've disarmed 5, report to the agent at the northern end of the bayou for transport out of the combat zone. Good luck, and watch out for the morgawr."
[You can check the status of your mission at any time with the TASK verb.]

To complete this task, go thru the curtain and in a general north-east direction until you see the open bayou. Once in the bayou, you'll be SEARCHing rooms. When you see the message You poke and prod, but fail to find anything of interest., it means that you are in a room that will potentially produce a trapped box, however you failed to find it and should search again.
Once you locate a trap box, you'll DISARM it to advance your TASK, and you should also PICK it in order to receive coins, gems and possible incidental treasures.
Throughout the area can randomly spawn the morgawr. It can be seen from distant rooms using HUNT and PERCEIVE HEALTH. If you do run into a room with this creature, there is a high chance it will grab you with a tentacle. While grasped, you will be webbed, will sustain wounds and fatigue drain, and in some cases may incur a stun. As soon as you are free of webbing and un-stunned, you can HIDE and wait for the creature to submerge (leave).
Upon disarming 5 traps, you will no longer locate additional trapped boxes in the area and all SEARCH messaging will return to standard results.

Hunting Task

note: as of 5/21/17, this can not be completed by empaths using manipulate and GS kills.
When initially asked about tasks:

Jirikana strokes the chin of her acenite mask. "At the moment, we could use assistance disrupting enemy scouting. On Darkmist Moor above the bayou, Black Fang watchers are utilizing the shambling undead kobold population as unwitting patrolmen, embedding them with enruned spikes that allow remote tracking and surveillance. If you could recover some of these spikes and destroy them, it would be a great help."

When chosen as your task:

Jirikana nods. "We're counting on you. Head due west and climb up to Darkmist Moor. Defeat the undead kobolds or Black Fang watcher there to recover the enruned crystal spikes. Once you've destroyed 8, report to the agent at the western end of the moor for tranport out of the combat zone. Good luck."
[You can check the status of your mission at any time with the TASK verb.]

Surveillance Task

When initially asked about tasks:

Jirikana strokes the chin of her acenite mask. "At the moment, we could use assistance collecting intelligence on the new Black Fang recruits. We need agents to sneak into the enemy encampment and OBSERVE the enemy without being noticed. Or, come to think of it, killing a Black Fang enemy is just as good as information. It's your call."

When chosen as your task:

Jirikana nods. "We're counting on you. Head due north to the Black Fang encampment and find a way inside unnoticed. Once inside, OBSERVE 8 Black Fang recruits from hiding. Or, if you're feeling brash, barging in and killing 8 of them is just as good. Once you're done, report to the agent at the northern end of the bayou for transport out of the combat zone. Good luck."
  • note: you can receive incidental loot using the OBSERVE option, you'll see an additional line to the task completion:
In the course of your reconnaissance, you notice an unattended purple weevil and surreptitiously claim it for yourself!

On completion of your 2 tasks (DYE + one from Jirikana), find a shadowy agent past the bayou or at the NW part of the kobald hunting, and ASK AGENT ABOUT TRANSPORT. This will be a one-way transport to the final prize area, and doing this will give you your Revenant Fang merits for the 2nd task.
To check how many merits total you have total, use TICKETS.


To access this area, find the Meeting portal hub in your city. Once there, REDEEM a furtive summons and then ASK AGENT ABOUT ACCESS.

  • The tower also has a number of pickable flowers and food, listed here.



Incidental Loot

Note: All weapons and armor appear to be T5 quality (95 hardness or physical) at 5.0 density




Clothing and Jewelry


Crafting & Crafting Materials





See Shadowy Safehouse.