Zaldi Taipa

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Province: Ilithi
Currency: Dokora
Population: 7,000
Alternate Names: Horse Clan
Dominant Race/Guild: Wind Elves
Governing Individuals: The Indar Taipen and Carwu Taipen
Guild Halls: none
Patron God:


The Horse Clan, also known as Zaldi Taipa in the Elven language, is a clan of nomadic Elves known as the Wind Elves, and also sometimes as "Catwalkers," because of their stealth. They are often tall and slender, with tanned skin, and are known for being fierce in battle but kind, quiet, and sensible when not in battle. The Wind Elves make a point to always treat their animals well, and they breed a special breed of horse called Akhaal. They tend to dress in felts or deerskin, and they tend to use natural items such as bones and feathers for ornamentation. They live in tents, known as chadirs, which are often made of felt, and they sleep on floormats. The Elves of the Horse Clan are also known for the fine cashmere they make from the hair of their goats.

Government, History, and Background

Government Type

Ruled by the male chieftan, called the Indar Taipen (meaning "Strength of the Clan") and co-led by the Carwu Taipen (meaning "Heart of the Clan"), his female counterpart. The Indar Taipen and Carwu Taipen are often brother and sister, according to one story, but are currently husband and wife instead, named Falcon and Bright, according to a different book. They are the only governing body to whom the Wind Elves will answer.

Prominent Beings


The Horse Clan, according to one story, came to be when the Sulde Taala blessed two Elven twin babies. A vain and lustful Elf named Inicarwu had previously impregnated the daughter of his clan's chieftain but did not wish to be her mate or a father to the children. His clan council tried to force him to take responsibility for impregnating her, but he refused and instead fled his clan. As he ran, he encountered the Sulde Taala in her horse form, who beat him in a race. Enraged, Inicarwu shot her in the eye with his bow. However, as he was about to kill her, she transformed into a beautiful woman and told him he could have whatever he wanted if he would spare her life. Inicarwu told the Sulde Taala that he wished to have sexual relations with her human form. Because of his obligation to the chieftan's pregnant daughter, the Sulde Taala told Inicarwu that she would sleep with him only if he brought her the hearts of the chieftan's daughter and the twins with whom she was pregnant, since it would not be right for Inicarwu to have sex with another woman while still obligated to the chieftan's daugther. Inicarwu agreed and returned to his clan, pretending to be a loving mate to the chieftan's daughter while he awaited the birth of their children. After his twin son and daughter were born, he took them to the Sulde Taala to murder them before her. However, the chieftan's daughter had followed him in secret and, upon seeing him threaten her children, she lept from hiding and gouged out his eyes. During the scuffle, Inicarwu stabbed the chieftan's daughter in the stomach. Enraged that Inicarwu would seriously consider harming his mate and children, the Sulde Taala, in her horse form, trampled him and exploded his heart. In her grief for the passing of the chieftain's daughter, the Sulde Taala cast a spell upon the twin babies that caused them to instantly become older so that they could say goodbye to their dying mother. The female twin then rode upon the Sulde Taala's horse form, her brother walking beside them, the two existing as the first Wind Elves. This is allegedly why Horse Clan is co-ruled by a man and woman.

Locations About Town


There are two altars towards the south of the area, as well as the chieftan's chadir. Inside the chieftan's chadir is a wolfhound and a number of refreshments, but there are no people inside. There is also an altar to Kuniyo just outside the Horse Clan. The first altar within Horse Clan is west of the Jan Taipen's chadir, and the second one is inside it. These latter two altars hold hawk feathers as well as bowls of grain and milk.

Unique Shops and Services


Food and Drink

In addition to the restaurant, an number of food and drink items have been set out for the comfort of visitors:

Prominent Hangouts

None. Players seem to visit the Clan rarely.

Important Activities


Task Givers



None within the Horse Clan, but there is hunting in the surrounding area, including:



  • Cleric pilgrims can successfully touch their pilgrim badges to the altar to Kuniyo just outside Horse Clan, which will show that they have travelled to Kuniyo's altar in the Prairie Grove, Gilen Otso Steppes. Touching a pilgim badge to the two altars within Horse Clan does nothing, but containers can be filled with water from the small pool two southwest of the outdoor altar within the Clan.
  • The path to Horse Clan is flanked by aspen poles flying a red banner with a galloping horse-archer silhouetted against a radiant sunburst.
  • The coat of arms for Horse Clan features three golden horses galloping on a green background (a field vert bearing three horses or courant).
  • A large number of pickable flowers and food can be found in the Clan and along the road.