Brother Durantine's Shop

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Brother Durantine's Shop
Province Zoluren
Justice Unknown
Town The Crossing
Map Ranik's Map 1
Owner Durantine
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Cambrinth shops, Cleric shops, Container shops, Magic shops
Restrictions Cleric
This store only accepts Kronars


  • READ CATALOG: To see the shop inventory categories on each page of the catalog.
You take a few moments to glance through the catalog. It would appear to be Durantine's listings, with pages for every kind of item he carries. Included in the catalog are the following pages:
Page 1 - Vestments
Page 2 - Receptacles
Page 3 - Holy Articles
  • READ PAGE #: To see the inventory listed on each page of the catalog.
  • ORDER <ITEM>: To see a price quote and order a specific inventory item. ie, ORDER HOLY HABIT or ORDER SMALL GREY-BROWN FEATHER
Brother Durantine nods slowly. "An inspired choice. I am sure the gods have led you wisely in this matter. May their guidance never fail you. Let me but ask the humble sum of <###> coins for this <XXXX>."
  • OFFER <#>: (Where # is the amount in coppers) You can offer the price he quotes, or greater than or lesser than the quoted price. If you've offered less than his price, but not so low as to offend him; you can haggle for a better price.
The monk smiles very sadly. "A vow of poverty once I took, but not of bankruptcy. More than that I must ask of you to cover the workmanship of the other monks and to put a wee small bit of bread in our mouths. <###> would be closer to our humble needs."
  • OFFER <#>: Raising your offer closer to his quote is more likely to be accepted. If your offer is accepted:
Brother Durantine nods slowly. "Good, it is done. A fair price is a blessing on both buyer and seller. The gods are well pleased with your generous nature."
Durantine waves a small censer over a neatly-wrapped package and intones a short prayer before he hands it to you.

A short note at the bottom advises you to read the individual pages before placing an order.

Public Room

[Brother Durantine's Shop]
In this small adjunct to a local order of monks, Brother Durantine offers a variety of holy items and related things. An assortment of holy symbols may be had as well as blessed waters, candles and ritual vestments for any who wish to serve their own religious needs. Cool stone walls decorated with scenes from the life of the founder of the order doing various good deeds provide inspiration to all who see them. You also see a dimly-lit storeroom, a private room and a plain counter with a catalog on it.

Note: You may be able to haggle for lower prices depending on your Charisma.

Page 1 - Vestments
Item Price Done
holy habit 225   !!
chasuble 187   !!
clerical collar 125   !!
skullcap 100   !!
buskins 125   !!
sandals 100   !!
Page 2 - Receptacles
Item Price Done
chalice 125   !!
vessel 125   !!
basin 150   !!
coffer 175   !!
silver vial 500   !!
Page 3 - Holy Articles
Item Price Done
Silver Bell 1,750   !!
Chamomile 25   
Sage 25   
Lavender 25   
sirese flower 25   !!
Red Wine 250   !!
Incense 62   !!
small grey-brown feather 37   !!
blue-grey plume feather 93   !!

Cleric-Escort Required

[Brother Durantine's, Storeroom]
Behind the counter, a tiny storeroom lined with shelves holds a selection of seasonal supplies for clerics. White-robed novices work to stock the shelves, silently brushing past as they lay out items for the perusal of Brother Durantine's favored customers. You also see an onyx tray with a pilgrim's badge on it, an unfinished maple table with some stuff on it, a golden maple tray with some stuff on it, and a sturdy maple rack with some stuff on it.

On the onyx tray
Item Price Done
Pilgrim's badge 37,500   !!
On the unfinished maple table
Item Price Done
cut crystal chalice wrapped with silver wire 7,500   !!
smoky black glass bottle wrapped with darkened steel wire 625   !!
milky white glass bottle wrapped with gold wire 1,562   !!
On the golden maple tray
Item Price Done
gold and cambrinth hair-clasp etched with a sunrise scene 11,250   !!
velvet-lined cambrinth choker inlaid with gold and amber 23,750   !!
twisted cambrinth torque with ivory and jade inlaid terminals 12,500   !!
polished cambrinth cloak pin inlaid with a snowy alabaster unicorn 2,750   !!
sinuous cambrinth armband coiled in the shape of a striking adder 22,500   !!
serpentine cambrinth earcuff carved in the shape of an adder 2,187   !!
On the sturdy maple rack
Item Price Done
white silk pouch with silver-tipped drawstrings 4,375   !!
rough burlap sack clasped by a chipped obsidian unicorn 375   !!
large tapestry sack woven in warm shades of gold and amber 1,250   !!

Stock prior to 2002, no longer available