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Father Karjon Gardosh
Status: Alive
Guild: Cleric
Race: Gor'Tog
Gender: Male
Location: Tiger Clan (Ranik Map 4a)
Relatives: Greta

Keeper of the secrets of Murrula's Flames. His wife Greta was killed by the Dark Spirits of Tiger Clan cemetery.


You see Father Karjon Gardosh, a Gor'Tog Cleric.
He has hazel eyes and olive skin.
He has deep cuts to the right arm, severe scarring along the chest area, a severely scarred, mangled and malformed left hand.

He is wearing some embossed leather bracers, a front-laced leather tunic, some worn leather breeches, a carved wooden amulet bearing the image of a rising phoenix and a black leather weapon's harness.


About Greta
Karjon grunts loudly. "Greta was my beloved wife. She died some time ago when the dark spirits emerged from the catacombs as she was visiting her mother's grave." He chokes back a few tears, a strange sight for such a massive man.

His features turn cold and angry as he continues, "I enter the catacombs every day now to banish as many of those foul abominations as I can, back to whatever nightmarish plane spawned them."