Rossman's Landing

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Province: Therengia
Currency: Lirum
Population: Unknown
Established: Skullcleaver 372 (6/16/2003)
Alternate Names: Rossman's
Dominant Race: Human
Dominant Guild: None
Government: Lord Nicoly Rossman
Guild Halls: None
Patron Deity: None


RossmansLandingIcon.gif Description: Rossman's Landing is one of the newest towns in Elanthia, having been built by survivors who escaped the sacking of their village. Located atop a bluff overlooking Lake Gwenalion, the villagers are a tightly knit community which regards outsiders with a certain wariness.

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Posted by Danalae on 7/22/03
While the rest of the letter was lost, a maid cleaning the ashes from the grate recently discovere a partially burnt page of a letter written by Nicola Rossman, daughter of the current Lord, to a friend in Riverhaven. A copy of the letter is hereby made available to those interested in the founding of Rossman's Landing not long ago.

The creatures attacked that night. Once, they were no more than bothersome pests, easily subdued by our hunters. Of late, however, they seem to have grown in intelligence and organization. Some said it was the gods' will that we be punished, others held that the witch Jomay, offended by our lord pointing out her insanity, had cast her spells on the orcs. All we knew for sure is that their drums thrummed around us, and those who ventured outside the walls were frequently lost.

That night, they attacked in force, breaking down the gates and swarming on makeshift ladders over the palisade walls. The lord and many of his soldiers were killed trying to defend those walls, to no avail. Father, the town's blacksmith, was ordered to organize those too young or too old to defend the walls, and the women with small children. Shielded by what soldiers remained, we ran, breaking through the orcs as those around us died. In the dark of night, we fled, older children carrying the younglings in their arms, adults supporting the injured.

Mother was in the rear. Father always said she couldn't run very fast, but she was handy with her halberd. Not handy enough, though. No more than a league from the old town, she fell. My brother dragged her body, but when we finally managed to escape and make camp for the night, she was buried beneath the trees.

The next day, we sought shelter along the shores of the lake. The traders have a small enclave there beneath a bluff where the river flowed into the dark waters. Father remained as the leader of our small group, setting us to chopping trees for the palisade walls before we ever considered houses. Our people must be protected by strong walls, higher than those of the village we abandoned.

That was a year ago. Now, the town grows around us. Sturdy wooden houses replace the ramshackle huts we built at first, and the Baron has confirmed my father's leadership, sending us soldiers and masons to help us build stone walls. No more than thirty families survived that night. Everyone lost someone dear to them. But we are determined to stay, all of us who remain, and to persevere on the land we claim as our own.

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