Raven's Point

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Province: Forfedhdar
Currency: Dokora
Population: Unknown
Established: Unknown
Alternate Names: None
Dominant Race: Dwarf
Dominant Guild: None
Government: General Bazrid
Guild Halls: None
Patron Deity: None
Warnings: Susceptible to Dragon Priest invasions.


Government, history, and background

Government type

As a military outpost Raven's Point is run by the general of the garrison.

Prominent people

  • General Bazrid, military governor.


Locations about town

Smoky Bandit's has a well supplied saferoom in case of invasion.
Trader's Outpost


The Gear Gate seals at night and will open only at daytime. It is shaped like a massive gear.
The Raven's Nest is the most heavily protected portion of Raven's Point. Above the Nest is a massive horn used to alert the citizens of attack, or to sound the all-clear.
The Town Square is marked by four pillars marking the cardinal directions.
The Chapel bears a massive raven statue holding an altar in its talons.

Unique shops and services


Located in the commerce center is Gimsta's Gimstaan, the Raven's Point General Store, and Stedh's Furs.

Bars, inns, and taverns

Prominent hangouts

Important activities


Altar to Kertigen in the Chapel.

Task givers







Comes under frequent Dragon Priest raids.

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