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This is an event-only location that can be accessed during the House of the Revenant Fang event. The tower floats above the Darkmist Moor in Ilithi.

A map of this area shows the rotating design of the tower with various rings that shift in location and provide different "seasons" to the outer rooms. These outer rooms hold a large number of pickable flora in addition to having task-related components used during the event tasks. To access the outer rooms, you must first be on the dye task, given by Grim Tailor Kilgamant. In many cases, the items that can be picked from the room will correspond to the gathering of your task items. For example, the following task result is from a room where you can also pick a sprig of meadow rue:

Working carefully, you harvest a sprig of sunny meadow rue from the scrubby brush and place the material into your jar for yellow extract.

As the rooms rotate, they will change movement configuration to each other. To identify the rooms, in addition to the room name, you can make note of stationary objects that are found in each area. Unless otherwise noted below, a room that is currently in winter will not have the items available to pick, while most flowers will only be found during specific seasons as noted. Picked items are as follows:

  • Ashala'taman, Dusk Terrace, wolf sculpture (Meraud)
  • Ashala'taman, Dawn Terrace, statue of Eluned
  • Ashala'taman, Midday Terrace, lion statue (Chadatru)
  • Ashala'taman, Promenade of Order, andesite plinth (Rutilor)
  • Ashala'taman, Promenade of Order, fruit orchard
  • Ashala'taman, Promenade of Order, trio of lustrous boulders
  • Ashala'taman, Promenade of Order, statue of Lemicus
  • Ashala'taman, Midnight Terrace, topiary thicket (Damaris)
  • Ashala'taman, Promenade of Chaos, footbridge
  • Ashala'taman, Promenade of Chaos, serpentinite spears
  • Ashala'taman, Promenade of Chaos, shrine to Dergati