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Roars are offensive debilitations used by Barbarians.

Roars have a timer of use that will diminish the strength of the roar (or roars on the same timer) when used before the timer expires. This is in-line with other debilitation abilities. <Need info on what roars are grouped by timer and what the timer length is for each group. Wail of Torment and Kuniyo's Stike share a timer.>


 ROAR - Roar at the room and check the condition of your voice.
 ROAR <ability> - Roar at the enemy you are currently facing.
 ROAR <ability> at <enemy> - Roar only at the specified individual.
 ROAR QUIET - Check the condition of your voice.
 ROAR QUIET <ability> - Roar only at enemies engaged with you including other players.
 ROAR AREA <ability> - Roar at everything in the room including players in your group. (Learned from Strategos Mastery.)
 ROAR CREATURES <ability> - Roar at every non-player in the room. (Learned from Strategos Mastery.)
 ROAR LIST - Recall all known roar abilities.
 ROAR CHECK - Checks the area to see if roaring is illegal.

When prone, sitting or kneeling, ROAR will launch you to your feet. This will not work if a room does not allow combat.

Voice Pool

Roars draw from a Barbarian's voice pool. The use of roars degrades this pool with each successive roar, however, without use it will recover over time. The voice pool remains static and cannot be increased by skills or stats. Use ROAR or ROAR QUIET by itself while standing to determine your current pool level.

  • You feel ready to defeat all challengers.
  • You feel worn but still ready to meet a challenge.
  • You feel depleted and less than inspired.
  • You feel completely empty and unable to grasp inspiration.

Single targeting is both easier and less costly, and Charisma, Debilitation, Roar Helms, Warpaint, and abilities which increase Charisma or Debilitation skill will improve roars.


  • They are named using a poetic convention.

Summary of Roars

Ability Type Skill Difficulty Path Cost Prereqs Effect
Anger the Earth roar debilitation intro Horde 1 0 Balance damage
Death's Embrace roar debilitation basic Horde 1 1 -Melee accuracy, -Ranged accuracy
Death's Shriek roar debilitation expert Flame 2 7 -Defensive Factor, applied to blocking with a shield only, possibly drops to knees.
Everild's Rage roar debilitation basic Predator 2 0 -Defensive Factor, applied to evasion only
Kuniyo's Strike roar debilitation advanced Predator 3 4 Stun and possible knockback.
Mage's Lash roar debilitation advanced Flame 2 6 -Primary Magic skill, chance to interrupt a spell being prepared.
Mana Torment roar debilitation expert Flame 3 8 -Attunement pool
Screech of Madness roar debilitation basic Flame 1 3 -Discipline (stat), -Reflex (stat)
Serpent's Hiss roar debilitation advanced Horde 2 5 Makes enemies flee the room.
Slash the Shadows roar debilitation expert Predator 3 7 -Stealth skill, Knock out of hiding.
Wail of Torment roar debilitation expert Horde 2 7 Immobilize.

Offense vs Defense Contests

  • Anger the Earth : Fear vs Reflex
  • Death's Embrace : Fear vs Fortitude
  • Death's Shriek : Power vs Willpower
  • Everild's Rage : Power vs Willpower
  • Kuniyo's Strike : Power vs Reflex
  • Mage's Lash : Fear vs Fortitude
  • Mana Torment : Fear vs Willpower
  • Screech of Madness : Power vs Fortitude
  • Serpent's Hiss : Fear vs Willpower
  • Slash the Shadows : Power vs Reflex
  • Wail of Torment : Fear vs Fortitude

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