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Barbarians are trained in more than relentless battle, they are trained to apply their will to the world around them.

Meditations are moderate term buffs that are typically initiated outside of combat.


 MEDITATE FLAME                       - Check your Inner Fire as well as Available Training Sessions.
 MEDITATE <ability>                   - Perform a Barbarian Meditation.
 MEDITATE <object> |CRUSH|BASH|SMASH| - Destroys a held magical item.
 MEDITATE RESEARCH <ability>          - Mentally study and review a Barbarian ability.
 MEDITATE STOP                        - Stop all meditations.
 MEDITATE LIST                        - Show all known Barbarian Meditations.

Magic Destruction

A Barbarian needs no magic, and is harmed by the illusion that they do. However, they can also draw strength from the meditative destruction of tainted items, stoking their Inner Fire. Upon MEDITATEing on a magical item, they may destroy it any number of ways, with a chance of a minor Inner Fire boost.

The success of the boost seems to be partially based off Strength, and there is the risk of Inner Fire loss, slight damage to body parts from the item's destruction, or no change in Inner Fire.

Note: Currently, only runestones may be affected this way.


  • They are named after concepts or function.

Summary of Meditations

Ability Type Skill Difficulty Path Cost Prereqs Effect
Flame meditation intro Flame 0 0 Shows Inner Fire level and training status.
Power meditation basic Flame 0 1 Shows duration remaining of abilities
Contemplation meditation augmentation advanced Flame 1 2 +Augmentation skill, +Brigandine skill, +Chain Armor skill, +Light Armor skill, +Plate Armor skill
Dispel meditation utility advanced Flame 2 3 Attempts to remove all magic on self.
Serenity meditation warding advanced Flame 2 6 Very strong integrity magic barrier. Drains inner fire on block. Increases roar cost.
Focus meditation augmentation expert Horde 1 1 +Locksmithing skill
Unyielding meditation augmentation basic Horde 1 2 +Athletics skill
Tenacity meditation warding basic Horde 2 2 Physical damage resistance.
Seek meditation augmentation basic Predator 1 0 +Outdoorsmanship skill
Bastion meditation warding basic Predator 2 4 Strong ablative barrier vs. Willpower attacks.
Staunch meditation utility advanced Predator 2 5 Stops all bleeding for a time.
Prediction meditation utility expert Predator 3 5 When disabled (stun/immobilize/web/knockdown), you dive-roll out of the room.

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