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Forms are Barbarian self-buffs with a relatively long duration that can be easily started during combat. Each buff starts with a weak effect and gradually strengthens until reaching full potential after one minute.

Forms have no initial start up cost but do reduce the passive IF (Inner Fire) regeneration level. They have a moderate pulsing IF cost.


 FORM HELP for more information on their use in game.
 FORM LIST - Recall all known fighting forms.
 FORM START <ability> - Begin using the specified form.
 FORM STOP <ability> - Stop using the specified form.
 FORM STOP ALL - Stops using all forms.


  • They are named after creatures.
  • These used to be known as 'Dances' prior to the conversion to magic 3.0 systems.

Summary of Forms

Ability Type Skill Difficulty Path Cost Prereqs Effect
Buffalo Form form augmentation intro Flame 1 0 Reduces encumbrance.
Monkey Form form augmentation basic Flame 2 2 +Reflex (stat), Balance heal, pulsing recovery
Swan Form form warding basic Flame 2 4 Weak integrity anti-magic barrier.
Bear Form form augmentation advanced Flame 2 5 +Warding skill, +Strength (stat)
Turtle Form form warding expert Flame 2 7 Strong anti-magic potency barrier.
Dragon Form form augmentation intro Horde 2 1 +Large Blunt skill, +Large Edged skill, +Polearms skill, +Small Blunt skill, +Small Edged skill, +Staves skill, +Twohanded Blunt skill, +Twohanded Edged skill, +Brawling skill, Only held melee weapon. Brawling is buffed if no weapon is held.
Python Form form augmentation basic Horde 1 2 +Parry Ability skill
Toad Form form warding expert Horde 2 5 Elemental damage resistance.
Badger Form form warding advanced Horde 2 7 Moderate non-ablative barrier vs. Magic, Mind, Fear, or Charm attacks
Eagle Form form augmentation intro Predator 1 1 +Bows skill, +Crossbows skill, +Heavy Thrown skill, +Light Thrown skill, +Slings skill
Wolverine Form form utility advanced Predator 1 3 Advancing speed boost.
Piranha Form form augmentation basic Predator 2 4 +Evasion skill
Owl Form form augmentation advanced Predator 1 5 +Perception skill
Panther Form form augmentation expert Predator 1 6 +Stealth skill

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