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Berserks are powerful short term combat buffs. When berserks are activated, they consume a moderate amount of IF (Inner Fire), and further have a small IF drain while they are active. While it is possible to have multiple berserks going, the cost will make it impractical without a steady stream of victims.

Unlike forms or meditations, which have an approximate 1 minute ramp up time to become fully effective, berserks instantly provide the bonus with no ramp up time.


 BERSERK LIST - Recall all known berserker rages you can perform.
 BERSERK <ability> - Throw yourself into the specified frenzy.
 BERSERK STOP - Attempts to end all active berserks.


  • They are named after natural disasters.
  • Berserks no longer have the knock down, stun, or death results when they end (some restrictions apply), and have had their restrictions on vision and movement removed.

Summary of Berserks

Ability Type Skill Difficulty Path Cost Prereqs Effect
Famine berserk utility basic Flame 2 1 Vitality heal, Pulsing
Drought berserk warding basic Flame 2 2 A portion of incoming damage will be dealt to the next foe struck by the Barbarian.
Cyclone berserk augmentation advanced Flame 2 3 +Charisma (stat), voice recovery bonus.
Tsunami berserk utility expert Flame 2 6 Increases Balance and primary weapon stat of held weapon.
Avalanche berserk utility intro Horde 1 0 Fatigue heal, Pulsing
Wildfire berserk augmentation basic Horde 2 3 +Agility (stat), bonus weapon speed.
Earthquake berserk, area of effect debilitation advanced Horde 2 6 -Balance, knockdown, pulsing AoE, triggers upgraded Whirlwind
Volcano berserk augmentation expert Horde 3 6 Each death blow against them will instead drain Inner Fire.
Tornado berserk augmentation basic Predator 2 1 +Shield Usage skill, +Stamina (stat)
Landslide berserk warding basic Predator 2 1 SvS barrier vs. attacks defended against with Reflex
Flashflood berserk warding advanced Predator 2 3 Pulsing anti-stun/anti-web/auto-standup

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