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The STANCE command is used to view/adjust how efforts are allocated to offense and defense.


  • STANCE: Display your active stance.
  • STANCE MANEUVER: Display your last attack maneuver.
  • STANCE VIEW: Display your current stance.
  • STANCE <ATTACK/EVASION/PARRY/SHIELD/CUSTOM> VIEW: Display the specified stance preset.
    STANCE SHIELD VIEW: View your shield preset.
  • STANCE <ATTACK/EVASION/PARRY/SHIELD/CUSTOM>: Change your active stance to one of your presets.
    STANCE SHIELD: Sets your active stance to your shield preset.
  • STANCE <ATTACK/EVASION/PARRY/SHIELD/CUSTOM> SAVE: Save your current stance as specified preset.
    STANCE SHIELD SAVE: Save your current stance as shield preset.
  • STANCE <ATTACK/EVASION/PARRY/SHIELD> <#>: Modify your 'active' stance to the value specified.
    STANCE SHIELD 80: Set your active shield stance to 80%.
  • STANCE SET <EVASION #> <PARRY #> <SHIELD #> (<ATTACK #>): Modify all of your active stances to the values specified, in that order. The ATTACK value is optional.
    STANCE SET 100 85 0 75: Set your Evasion to 100, Parry to 85, Shield to 0, and Attack to 75.
    STANCE SET 100 40 40: Set your Evasion to 100, Parry to 40, Shield to 40, and Attack to 100.

Stance Information

  • Setting your stance allows you to determine in what ways you defend yourself. It translates to what percentage of your actual skill you will be using, i.e. STANCE PARRY 80 will have you using 80% of your parry skill to defend.
  • Characters start with a base 180 defensive stance points. Generally this is distributed as 100/80 in your primary and secondary defenses.
  • Characters earn additional defense stance points based on their Defending skill. One defensive stance point is awarded every 50, 60, or 70 ranks for Armor Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary, guilds respectively.
  • Stance points assigned to Parry will automatically be utilized as Shield stance in the event of an attack that cannot be parried, but can be blocked. Ranged weapons (thrown weapons, bows, crossbows) as well as non-Death From Above spells (Death From Above spells ignore shield) that create projectiles (Fire Shards, Fists of Faenella, Dinazen Olkar, etc.)

Custom Stances

Using the SAVE option, one may create a stance that is ideal for their particular number of stance points and point distribution. To change the Shield stance, for instance, once the points are distributed as desired one would type STANCE SHIELD SAVE. From that point on, any time you call upon STANCE SHIELD, it will assign points based upon your previously saved setting. This makes for easy handling of gaining additional stance points.

Also of note is that there is an ATTACK value. While you will usually want this set at the maximum, 100%, there are situations in which it is better to reclaim and redistribute those points. For every 5 points that you reduce your attack value, you will gain 1 defensive stance point to distribute as you wish.

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