Barbarian Guildhall (Riverhaven)

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This Guildhall is found 2 rooms NW from outside the Riverhaven west gate. It contains the Guildmaster Mo, Calenra, the local Stamina training and the Riverhaven Barbarian Guild housing area.

Stamina Training

  • This is found along the path before you enter the building.

[Barbarian Guild, Training Yard]
Wooden weapons of all kinds lie stacked about, no doubt the tools of training the next great warrior. In the center of the yard, a senior guild member instructs a confused student on the finer art of pole arm fighting. A simple split-rail fence defines this area and provides a perch for two young children who giggle and watch as they dream of the day they will train here. A large, pedaled sharpening stone and a target dummy catch your eye.
You also see a small path and a round iron grate.
Obvious paths: none.

Lower Amphitheatre

[Barbarian Guild, Lower Amphitheatre]
Aromatic wooden planks are tightly joined to contain the tons of sod which comprise the walls of this pit. Dug beneath the foundation of the Barbarians' Guild, it is cool and moist, perfectly suited to focused training. Several painted panels adorn the walls, depicting warriors in various types of armor, executing different combat maneuvers.
You also see Calenra, a wooden ladder and a rough-hewn bench.
Obvious exits: none.

Interior (Guildhall)

[Barbarian Guild, Interior]
Puddles merge across the floor where rainwater seeps from a sodden thatched roof, leaking winter after winter despite the guild's half-hearted efforts at a permanent lodging. The summer months offer little respite from the moisture, trapped inside by walls of river rock and denied the sun's drying heat. Still, the Barbarians here could care less, lounging about on wooden benches with all the pomp of noble knights in a king's court.
You also see a wide stone arch, the Barbarian Guildleader Mo, a high-quality vellum stretched between two pairs of iron gauntlets and a waste basket.
Obvious exits: out.


There are 10 rooms through the arch that comprise the Riverhaven Barbarian Guild housing area.