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A vanity pet is one of the various player-owned pets that can be interacted with by players. These animals are non-combatants, although some versions may be able to fight each other in limited contests.

Many of the vanity pets can follow a player from room to room, however there are some problematic area types that can cause you to loose your pet. It is recommend you put your pets away before burgling, entering homes or vaults, or entering player-owned shops.

Common Pets

The current pets available include:


The above pets have a large number of specialized containers to house them, and in some cases, can be accessorized with clothing, jewelry and other decorative items.

 Has item propertyWorn in slot
Adorable armure airship adorned in avia ribbonspetthigh
Amethyst sack lined with light grey silkpockets
Armored cockroachpet
Artisanally crafted coastal saltmarsh miniaturepetbelt
Baggy sackcloth overalls patched at the kneespetpants
Ball of scraggly swamp moss bound in tangled rope nettingcontainer
Balmy rat pomadepet
Banana-hued sack lined with creamy white silkpockets
Banded maple and oak beer stein topped with an ivory lidpockets
Black combpet
Black gold earrings shaped like tiny fruit batspetears
Black leather harness flaunting massive bat wingspetshirt (with armor)
Blue combpet
Boisterous felted tavern with flamboyant goldweave awningspetbelt
Bone-shaped treatpet
Bonny bantam broadcloth brig bolstered by bloodwood batteningcontainer
Braided nightsilk harness with a black onyx clasppockets
Bright red faille sack clasped with a poppypockets
Bright yellow loincloth splattered with orange glitterpetpants
Bright yellow silk sunflower tinged with orangepetbelt
Brilliant blue bubble bound by burgundy bowscontainer
Brilliant green jaspe sack embroidered with tiny ratscontainer
Bronze brushpet
Bronze combpet
Brown combpet
... further results

Special Pets

A similar group of pets that can be purchased only via auctions, Simucoin or other limited events includes:



  • The noun must remain "kitten"
  • The kitten isn't deformed or mutilated.
  • The kitten remains a domesticated type of cat. No snowcat kittens, panther kittens, snow leopard, jaguar, lion etc.
  • You may use the coloration of large cats (tiger-striped, jaguar-spotted) and the kittens may be described as "lion-esque" but otherwise it must be clear that they are domesticated (as much as any kitten can be) kittens.
  • No constant expressions. Kittens have changing moods!
  • The kitten LOOK should not include any *constant* action such as kneading, biting, clawing. Describing curiosity or "sleepy eyes" is fine.
  • All colors must be colors that exist in Elanthia.
  • Keep in mind that if you want a READ for a name tag, you will have to READ KITTEN to see it. Consider including any nametag information on a LOOK.


  • The noun must remain "rat"
  • The rat may not be mutilated but "normal" deformities such as blindness, tattered ears, etc are acceptable.
  • Describing the rat as being from a certain area is fine, but keep in mind that many areas do not have defined lore for the rat-types and if your request seems like it might potentially conflict with any lore released later, your request may be rejected.
  • No constant expressions or constant actions. Rats are very active!
  • All colors must be colors that exist in Elanthia.
  • May not be hairless or "naked mole rat", but may be patchy. The messaging makes use of the word "fur" in at least 25 places.
  • Keep in mind that if you want a READ for a name tag, you will have to READ RAT to see it. Consider including any nametag information on a LOOK.


  • The noun must be some kind of swine. Approved nouns: piglet, swine, pig, hog, boar, peccary, warthog, babirusa, bushpig.
  • May not have a TAP. Only SHORTs are allowed. This means the article, adjective, and noun may only be 15 characters each.
article - May be several words. May only be 15 characters. Example: "a happily muddy"
adjective - May be several words. May only be 15 characters. Example: "brown-spotted"
noun - May only be one word. See above for approved nouns.
  • All location-based adjectives are contingent on the area having terrain appropriate for swine. Kaernan, Arthe Dale, Langenfirth, Leth Deriel, are some examples. Major cities are not allowed.
  • Descriptions may be freely used, but may not include any clothing or items, since piglets can be dressed at higher tiers.
  • No constant expressions or constant actions.
  • All colors must be colors that exist in Elanthia.


  • The noun remains a type of SMALL monkey, and the adjective should connote an underground species. Approved nouns: marmoset, monkey, paguur, tamarin, zari.
If the noun is "paguur", the adjective must be "arsharra", and vice versa.
If the adjective is one of "Lost Crossing, Undershard, temple, Idon's song," the noun must be "monkey".
Any other adjectives (unless new specials are added) can randomly be tamarin, zari, marmoset, or monkey.
  • The monkey isn't deformed or mutilated. It has its fur and tail.
  • The monkey remains a domesticated type of monkey. This script is not meant for wild animals.
  • These monkeys have variable moods, so their appearance shouldn't include emotion or behavior.


  • Containers should remain soft-sided and meshy, not hard containers like boxes, crates, etc.
  • Examples of approved noun changes: pannier, basket, tote, poke, sack, satchel, bag, pouch, carrier.
  • Should not be made of wood but wood can be used in the design.
  • Wicker and woven woods used for the sack alteration must adhere to the "soft-sided" rule. If they do not, you may be asked to change the design.
  • A firm bottom on the container is fine, but the rest of it must be soft-sided.
  • Pets need to breathe, keep in mind your container should be meshy or have air-holes.
  • Including other "items" inside the sack in the LOOK is fine, as long as you understand they are not actually being added and it is impossible for you to place such items in the kitten carrier.