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A Holy Weapon is a weapon a Paladin has imbued with holy power.


Upon reaching 50th circle Paladins are eligible to perform the Holy Weapon Quest, which will make one mundane weapon holy. Most melee weapons are able to be made holy, including polearms, swappable weapons, and thrown weapons. (Bows, crossbows, and slings cannot be used as holy weapons.) A Paladin may only have one holy weapon at any given time. If a Paladin wishes to change his holy weapon, he may do so once per IRL year.


  • Holy Weapons benefit from an increased chance to hit and increased damage against all foes
  • Holy Weapons are able to strike non-corporeal undead as if they were blessed
  • Higher levels of soul state provide more dramatic effects, believed to be far greater than what is possible with the Bless spell.


  • Using a holy weapon with a dark soul may be fatal to the wielder.
  • Once imbued, holy weapons must be periodically recharged to continue to act as holy weapons.
  • Holy weapons may only be recharged at specific charging sites or with the use of a holy icon such as the star icon, from the Dunshade Quest.


A holy weapon will only function as a holy weapon when it is charged. When a Glyph of Renew is traced a number of charges is added to the weapon which will deplete as hits are landed with the weapon. The maximum number of charges is determined by the Paladin's Charisma and Circle and in contrast is far greater than the number of charges supplied by the typical bless spell. There are separate timers on the praying to Chadatru method at charging locations, and on using the holy weapon icons. Charging locations are on a 1-hour timer, while the icons appear to be on a 45-minute timer.<

At a Charging Location

Holy Weapons may be recharged at the following locations:

  • Eyes of the Thirteen, Eye of Chadatru (Crossing)
  • Tower of Honor, Chapel (Shard)
  • Carillon Park, Stone Lions (Mer'Kresh)

If you're charging your holy weapon for the first time, go to the Chapel in Shard's Tower of Honor.


  • While at a charging location, PRAY CHADATRU. (Your hands must be empty.)
As you kneel down to pray, you feel your head is not cleared enough to pay proper respect to Chadatru.
  • Wait there for about 75 seconds until you get this message:
After clearing your thoughts, you pray deeply toward Chadatru. A warm, soothing sensation washes over your soul.
  • While holding your holy weapon, GLYPH RENEW [WEAPON]
You trace the Glyph of Renew upon your [weapon] causing it to glow intensely white.

With a Holy Icon

A Paladin who has a holy icon can charge his holy weapon anywhere. Charging with a holy icon is not only faster and more convenient than charging at an altar, but as of 2/4/2017, it's also more powerful.

Before using your icon for the first time, you must bond it to yourself using RUB MY ICON
As you rub the star icon, a soft silver glow arises from it and flows over your body. As you stand bathed in the silver light, the star icon warms slightly in your hands. Like a rushing wave you feel the bond with the icon settle on you. The silver glow slowly fades away and you know you have pledged your service to your god.

You must complete the following steps after initially bonding the icon and each time you want to recharge your Holy weapon.

  1. CLEAN MY ICON (do this three times)
    You carefully wipe off the dust from your star icon.
    You turn the star icon before lightly rubbing your palm over it.
    You inspect your star icon from all angles, making sure it is completely clean and polished.
    You drop to your knees and hold the star icon closely, feeling a sense of purity in your heart.
    Unaware of what is going on around you, you raise the icon high above your head and feel a sense of serenity in your being.
    You breathe out respectful praise to the gods as the star icon glows for a moment.
  5. While holding your holy weapon, GLYPH RENEW <WEAPON>
    You trace the Glyph of Renew upon your <weapon> causing it to glow intensely white.


The following issues may prevent charging:

  • having a weapon strap tied to the weapon
  • having less than a pristine soul ("It gleams brightly with a pristine luminescence!")
  • being distracted while praying to Chadatru (for example, by classes or cyclic spells).
  • not having empty hands while praying to Chadatru
  • owing debt (confirmed by Kargarth to prevent the first charging)
  • unsuccessfully attempting to trace the glyph shortly after successfully praying to Chadatru (within the 45-60 minute timer)

Power Levels

The appearance of a Holy Weapon indicates the number of remaining charges, listed here in ascending order. (The right-hand column tells the maximum number of charges that can be indicated by that messaging.)

Appearance Max Strikes
barely detectable. You will need to renew it before you can enjoy its true power 0
flickering faintly with holy power. You should really renew it in order to continue to benefit from its power 10
flickering slightly with holy power 50
barely glowing with holy power 200
faintly glowing with holy power 350
shining with holy power 500
emanating a powerful sense of holiness 1,000
blinding you with holy power 1,500


Paladins who have reached 50th circle can start this quest by asking a guildleader about holy weapons. The quest requires a fair amount of traveling, so you may want to hire a Moon Mage or a captain. Follow Darius's advice: have a Cleric Bless one of your weapons (not your future holy weapon), and bring bread.

Introduction Speech

Darius exclaims, "Congratulations [Name], on your level of success! I do know of what you seek, but there are things in life one must understand before this ability is granted. Lyle will teach you a valuable lesson, and should you learn it appropriately you may continue on."

Darius continues, "However, I might warn you, the next few hours and days will not be easy. The journey will be long and tiring, and you might wish to take along some foodstuffs, like a loaf of bread and some water, to sustain you during your journey. You should also take a weapon that has been blessed by a Cleric."

Darius concludes, "Good luck to you, and the gods keep you safe."

Sample Combat Messaging

Driving in like an adept combatant, you bash an iron throwing hammer stamped with the image of a raven at a dark spirit. A dark spirit fails to block with a shadowy shield. The hammer suddenly cries out "Justice!" as it flares white hot and lands a spine-rattling strike that detonates the spirit's chest into a dazzling shower of brilliant white light.

Moving like a striking snake, you chop a bastard sword at a baby forest gryphon. A baby forest gryphon attempts to dodge, only partially avoiding the impact. The sword releases a deafening roar, calling out proudly to Chadatru and lands an earth-shaking strike that cleaves the right arm from the shoulder, lightly stunning it knocking it back and down.

Moving as one fluid extension of power, you step backward and then slice at a young forest gryphon. A young forest gryphon attempts to dodge, pivoting toward safety but still partially within harm's reach. The sword explodes in a radiant shower of silver sparks and lands a strong hit that slices through the neck and sends the gryphon's head flying through the air.

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